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1st Try at Bacon and I have a few questions

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Good Evening.

After reading all the post and looking at all the bacon quick views I have decided to give it a try.

A little background.

I have been looking for butt rub locally and finally found it at Allen's Custom Meat in Auburn,ca. When I stopped in to buy the rub I asked if he had any pork bellies and he said yes but he usually sold them by the case. After chatting for a while he says stop by tomorrow and I will pull a case from out back and peel one off for you. I got held up at work yesterday so i stopped by tonight on the way home form work. He goes through the case and gets me a nice meaty belly. Then tells me to come behind the counter so he can show me how to trim it up square. Then we start talking he asked if I have a hanger. I replied I was going to order one and I hoped it came before the 10 day brining time was up. He opens a cabinet and shows me the one he recommends. Then hands it to me and say's use this one and when the one your order gets here you can return mine.
Nice to know there are still some good people out there.

So my question
I purchased the buck board bacon cure. It says to use 16 oz for 25 lbs of meat. My Belly weighs 8lbs 4 oz If I figured right I need to use 5,28 oz of cure.

Just double checking to make sure that is correct.

Hope some one can respond to this. I will start a quick view once I pull the meat out of the wrapping and start the brining.

Thank you


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I come up with 5.28 as well or just call it 5 1/4 oz. I just finished my first batch on wednesday. Came out great with the buckboard kit. good luck with yours.


Also great to hear about good business men still out there

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I too just finished a fresh bellie that weighed in about the same as yours. Now I dry cured mine and it came out really good too. Now I to did the math and I'm coming up with just about the same amout of cure too. It is nce to see that you too found a good ole butcher that does like what he;s doing and willing to help out a feller to. I too found one and we still talk about different cures and ways to do things. He's a good guy and I get to chose my meat also and his prices aren't to bad either. But I really don't care how much it is (don't tell my wife) it's more the fact that he cares about what I'm doing and the passion that I have with my food.

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If its the High Mountaion Buckboard Bacon Kit use 1 Tbs and 1 and 1/4 Ts per pound.

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Thank you I just rubbed the belly down.

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For a butcher to care about what your doing and to let you borrow his hanger then I would be back to him and he would have all my business. It's a great relationship to have with a good butcher. Good find!

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