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Is the chat site down

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It will not load, anyone else having any issues.

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To see who is on go here.



No it is here. v6.0.7   


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I just tried it , I saw polishmeat was in there but I can't get in either.

I rebooted my puter and tried again but no luck. [it worked last time I had this problem]

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guys, i had the same problem initially when trying to log in.  The only way i could get in is by registering a new user name (hence the polishmeat2), then logging in.  After doing that, I was able to get in no problem.  If I tried using my other account (polishmeat, polishmeat1) I was unable to login.  I think there is some issue here, but that's how I got in.


No wonder I'm here all alone........come on in!!

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Something is up with it I can't log into chat nor can I log into the Admin section of it. Hopefully Brian will fix it when he comes on

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thanks for the conformation Piney, I re registered and it didn't work, I guess Martin will be talking to himself...........still.

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LOL - I drink alone


Also - I found that Mozilla Firefox is the only one that works.  try that until issue is resolved

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ok thanks everyone for the quick response, i wanted to make sure it was not something on my end.

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