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So i just got a tri-tip from costco that had the fat cap removed and trimmed of any excess fat. Im thinking of throwing some bacon on top when i put it in the smoker to keep it from drying out and maybe give it a unique flavor profile. Anyone done this or have a comment about how it might go?    

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Bacon is never a bad thing

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should i bother to marinade? I dont want a hodge podge of flavors going on. 

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I dont think you need the bacon. But like Piney said "Bacon is never a bad thing"

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Personally I don't think draping bacon on it will alter the taste much at all

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When I do Tri-Tip I just coat with a rub and then smoke. About every hour I mop. 

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You don't need the bacon as you are usually smoking it to a medium or medium rare (your preference) state and they don't usually dry out. But like the other guys said it isn't going to hurt it by any means but its not like venison where you are adding bacon because the meat doesn't have any fat. In this case you would be adding the bacon to add or change the flavor and not to keep fat/moisture in the meat. If you try it let us know what you think. We are all about experimenting!

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These guys info is gonna be better than mine on a Tri-Tip as I've never actually seen one. I was making a general statement about putting bacon on anything to help keep it moist

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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

These guys info is gonna be better than mine on a Tri-Tip as I've never actually seen one. I was making a general statement about putting bacon on anything to help keep it moist

Don't listen to Piney is just being modest. He knows whats going on. I don't doubt one bit that the bacon would add a nice flavor like he said. Ok now you have to go back to the store and pick up another one and do one each way so we all can all hear the difference. haha

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Ill take one for the team and try it both ways when I get back from our trip to OR.

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I have done a few smaller tips and they were at 135 in about two hours or so at 250 smoker temp. i don't think the bacon will have time to cook. Besides, like mentioned above, the tri tip doesn't need any help in the flavor dept. except for some s&p..

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I've slightly(?) over trimmed a Tri Tip at times, and while I smoke them to medium rare, I've never had one dry out on me. Gloria just bought 6 more at $1.99 lb. at an eight hour sale. Guess what I'll be smoking soon.. and it does not come from Havana. BTW, bacon is the bomb for flavor. It's all good my friend. 

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I'm with Jerry (pineywoods) on this one. We in Fla don't get the tri-tip here at all. I have seen and cooked a couple of tri-tips a friends brought me from calif. But I have never smoked one before. The bacon is always a good thing but you shouldn't need it on the meat for moisture I would just mop it/ spirtz it either is good about every hour or so. Then you should have you a good eating/tasting hunk of meat.

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Thanks for the help everone. It sounds like i dont need to worry about it drying out to much. Ive decided im gonna go ahead and use some salt pepper and a little garlic powder on the whole thing and then drape sone bacon over half of it and see how it turns out. Ill keep you posted on how it goes   

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Hey big,

Even if the Bacon isn't needed, it'll be nice to have it laying on the plate, next to the rest of the great food!




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It will be good either way.  When I buy them I look for ones that are either untrimmed or slightly trimmed.  I like the fat cap.

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