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what kind of scale does ever one used

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i need a good scale that is accurate and reasonably price for old poor boy for curing bacon

and other meats

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we have a real old one. but I'd like to know the same because I could use a decent priced scale myself

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I have a Polder, like the one below & I love it. When I cut my bacon up to fit in bags with the right amount of cure in each bag, I don't want anything wrong. I also like to measure my TQ in ounces, because it's more accurate than "Tablespoons".

This scale weighs up to 11 pounds, in 1/8 ounce increments. You can do various things with it, but I just put a container on it, and turn it on. If the bowl or plate is on before you turn it on, it will only weigh what you put in the bowl. It's a great scale!


Also has a Tare Button-----Also can be switched to Grams, if you like foreign stuff.


It's on sale for $30 right now:





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I have an OXO digital scale that my gf gave me as a Christmas gift last year. I love the thing, being able to convert from American weights to grams with the push of a button. Plus, it's great for portion control ( burgers especially..........i like the 10oz'ers ).

It has a metal platform, has a blue backlight, and weighs up to 12 pounds. But the thing that sets it apart from many other similar digitals is that the is that the screen with the weight ( under and in front of the platform ) is attached to a wire which makes it moveable for those big objects that can obscure the readout on other scales. I mean, it can stretch out a good 12 inches from the platform.

Maybe this is why when the scale comparison was done in Cooks Illustrated and Americas Test Kitchen, it won hands down. I dont know the price, but I think it's around 40 bucks.

Yet again, OXO makes a damn good product.

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I also have an Oxo Digital scale cause I want to make sure it right for the cure for sausages and bacons. It works great and I like the part that let's me use anything as a plate or tray and it zeros out and weighs just the meat that is in the tray.

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I have a el'cheapo from Harbor Freight that works good for the large stuff and a spoon size digital that reads in 1/10's of a gram for measuring cure and spices.

Here's a link to the little one if anyone is interested; 

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I got the UltraShip scale from; I purchased the 55 model but they also have the 35 and 75 (pounds).  It reads in oz lbs and grams and highly accurate and has a removable face to weigh large items (like meat lugs!).















Link to their website:



I have the 55 model as it can weigh up to 55 lbs. but there's also a 35 and 75 lb ones too.  They're very reasonably priced also; I bought the AC adapter too vs. batteries.  It has been a fantastic scale and makes doing everything easier. Plus it has a tare button so you can deduct off the weight of your container (such as the sausage ingredients above; the weight is the net weight of the ingredients, not the container too).  The hold button retains the weight on the display even after removing the item.

Oh yeah, you can also use it as a postal scale too!

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I have the Ultraship 35 and couldn't be happier with it.  Got the recommendation in a thread posted by Pops6927 way back when.  I can't possibly see where I'd need a scale to measure more than 35 lbs, but if I do, I know where to go to get a greater capacity scale.


AC/DC, dead on accurate, measures in many different formats, metric, etc.


AND, the bottom line, in comparison to other scales of equal quality, down right cheap.

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I have two-









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