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HI there all you great bacon lovers. Here's how I make bellie bacon from some Buckboard Bacon kit from Hi-Mountian. Now I like this thing it's about 9-9.5 lbs and maybe 1 1/2" thick so I'm feelin giddy and soon baconey too.

IMG_0014.jpg picture by mballi3011

This one is alot easier to skin Jerry it has a good fat layer this time.

IMG_0015.jpg picture by mballi3011

Ok now we are cured and seasoned and now for the rest in the re-frig for, it says 7-10 days with out messing with it but I don't think that's gonna happen

IMG_0020.jpg picture by mballi3011

We couldn't not mess with it so this is the second day. I had to take it out and play with it and rub it and squesh it a little bit. Then it's back into the 38° frig


Ok now we are done. It's time for the rinsing and soaking for about 4-5 hours with water changes about every 30 minutes or so.Then its into the smoker for you.


The best part so far TASTING with a little fry test. Well it pasted a little salty but really good flavor some yummy bacon will soon to be had in the Ballinger house


Now into the smoker I'm using a hot plate and I know I should be using a pan for the chunks. I have to but the pear chunks directly on the hot plate so I can keep the temps down as far as I can go. I don't want to cook the bacon we'll do that when we eat it. So with this method I can get smoke at about 85-90° and thats what I want.


After maybe 8-9 hours and some good Pear smoke. I'm loving the bellie right now but again it has to go into the smoker overnight to let the wonderful smokey pear flavors mingle with the cure and seasonings. So another day of waiting for bacon.


A good close up I used some brown sugar and honey for the rub on this one to see what it will taste like. I'm starting to like a little sweet with my pork now.


Ok it's out of the frig and on to the slicer. My slicer is about 40 years old and still going strong. Some of this bacon is really meaty as you can see. Then some of it looks just like store bought but the taste is more then alot better.


Now we are all sliced and bagged up and we should have some bacon for quite sometime It taste really good with the pear wood and I just wanted to try something different then and usual apple or pecan smoke flavor and it was a good idea too. Now the bacon taste really nice a smooth smokey and sweet flavor and you can taste the difference between the last stuff we did at jerry's cookshack.

IMG_0070.jpg picture by mballi3011

Thanks for wacthing me cure, smoke and slice my bacon. Now I want to show you folks out there it's not veryu hard to make bacon and it's alot better then store bought will ever be. Sorry goes out the the big chain stores cause alot of us folks here at SMF won't be buying bacon anymore.


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You didn't tell us what you cured it with.  The curious want to know.    Looks great

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That looks awesome, Mark, thank you!

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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post



You didn't tell us what you cured it with.  The curious want to know.    Looks great

yea, hi mountain buckboard kit

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My mistake,  I thought that was a band or something, should have know better.  Anyone know what goes in it?

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Al here's a link to their site



I think most Bass Pro's carry it in stock. Its what was used for the bacon we had at the gathering but we didn't add any extras to it just the way it came out of the package

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Perfect timing for me! Thanks for this thread Mark, I got my order in today from their website. I also got my 13.5 lb. belly at 2.59 a lb. it still had the ribs on it, which I asked for so I could do my own trimming. I love using those bones for stock! I didn't remove the skin though, I hope that's not gonna be a problem, there's still time if you think I should as I only put it in the fridge a couple of hours ago with the rub. I was hoping for that "fatback" sorta crunch with the bacon. What should I do? Trim it or leave it?



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Mark that looks awesome. It's time I do me some Bacon cause I'm tired of the store bought. Good job Mark!!

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Man that looks great! I went hunting for a belly this weekend with no luck, guess I'll have to find a butcher shop and order one. I instead got me a pork loin going on day 3 in the cure. Again that inspires me to track that belly down.

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nice job mark!!!!!!

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Thanks folks for all the nice words and you really should try this one at home. It makes some really good tasting bacon and it's not that hard well except for the waiting part. Now squirrel I would remove the skin for the cure will not penetrate it and neither will the smokey flavor. Then you can make some pork rines or how ever you spell it. You know those things you make out frying the skin chunks.

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Nice job Mark! Smart move cutting Jerry out as the middle man.

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Nice job Mark.  I've made two batches of bacon so far.  More to come no doubt.  I just can't see eating store bought bacon anymore!


I have a slicer that looks just like yours.  Bought it off craigslist when my first batch was curing.  It worked great for the first batch.  My second batch though, not as well.  Maybe I was trying to slice to thin, not sure.  It kept getting pieces caught up, and was ruining the slices.  Maybe that batch was not as firm, I don't know (tasted great!).  I ended up finishing the slicing by hand -- no fun, and not uniform.  Anyway, do you have any secrets for using the slicer?  Do you put the bacon in the freezer for a while first?

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Originally Posted by mballi3011 View Post

 Then you can make some pork rines or how ever you spell it. You know those things you make out frying the skin chunks.


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Is it cracklins I'll be da%)^%*^# I thought it was something else. Now as far as slicing it helps if you do put it into the freezer to stiffen up some and then it will slice easy. I also like my bacon an the thick side maybe about 3/16" or so. But I now have a good supply of bellies and I can always make up a recipe for some bacon. I have plant of cure also thanks to Jerry hooked me up with a supplier awhile back. Well Joel I'm not cutting Jerry out of anything I owe Jerry for this bacon knowledge and he's my Buddy too.

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Great lookin' Bacon there Mark!


I don't think I ever saw Bacon that was so meaty!


I can't believe you already ate your share of all that Bacon, from that load you guys made not long ago at Jerry's. What was that, about a thousand pounds???

Maybe it wasn't a thousand pounds, but I think the commodity prices of Pork Bellies went up the following week, due to a shortage.



Thanks for the Qview,


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Originally Posted by mballi3011 View Post

Is it cracklins I'll be da%)^%*^# I thought it was something else.


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