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3rd briskit and it was a home run.

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First few briskets were ok, not bad, just not all that good.


We had a faimly reunion this weekend and along with 4 porks butts I tossed on a brisket and chuckie to fill out the smoker.


I rubbed the brisket and chuck with montana steak seasoning.  I was out of my all purpous rub and figured i would give it a shot.


Hands down this was the best brisket I have made to date. Juicy with a nice smokey flavor.


Reason I post this is to inform everyone of the aditional uses for Montana steak seasoning. Dont count it out.  

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C'mon Jeff, you know better .... WHERE ARE THE PICTURES??


Just messin' with ya. Glad everyone had good food at the reunion. Did you make some of those famous cheese filled sausage balls?

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Where are the pics?


I've used a McCormick Steak Rub on brisket that I like alot.  It's different from a Montreal, kind of hard to explain.

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Glad it turned out well, Jeff. 

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I wish we would have taken more pix. But diddnt. We were pretty busy started at 400 am saturday morning with 4 buts a brisket anda chucky in the smoker. By noon we were frying fish and taters. By 6 we were eating smoked meat. Today was leftover day with Abt's and stuffed bell peppers for dinner.


No sausage balls. With the rest of the menue we were tight for space.



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Yep, that Montreal steak seasoning is pretty tasty on any kind of beef.

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