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Rolling a Fatty

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When rolling the fatty in a 1 gallons plastic bag do you roll it out until it entirely fill the bag?



post #2 of 6 found that when i get the corners filled it makes it easier

to roll it ,well kinda  filled ,it doesnt have to be perfect

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I poked holes in all 4 corners of the bag and rolled it out to completely fill the bag, I think it makes a nicer looking fattie and it's easier to roll too.

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You want to make sure you do not roll it so much that it gets too thin.  If you do then when you roll it with the filling it will break up.

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I poke holes in the 2 bottom corners and then leave the bag unsealed...i usually completely fill it from the bottom to about 1 inch or so below the seal strip..this gives you a good thickness to roll with...i love the conversations about rolling fatties...

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