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UDS Question

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will the smaller 30 gallon drums work?

I got one free from a local Chevy dealer and trying to hook my

buddy up. I'm hoping the lid and grates from his ECB will work on

it since they look about the same size as the smaller drum

(hey I gotta do something ,he keeps eyeing up my new WSM!)

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I don't see why not. Just a little smaller that's all.

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Might have trouble fitting 2 grills inside unless an ECB or some other dome lid fits over the top.  Otherwise, I think its a great idea for a small smoker (too small for my family, but we like to cook enough food to last a week or so once we get rolling).  Same amount of work for one meal as 4-6 meals, right? 

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Ok ,going to give it a shot .snuck out to my Buddy's house and stole his old ecb (his daughter left the shed unlocked for me )

 As soon as i can get the 30 gallon drum I'll post pics of the build .

 Stopped at the dealer this morning and the drum wasn't quite empty yet .

hopefully tomorrow got all the parts off it  (ecb) and ready to go

  Trying to do this to surprise him .

His daughter and I have launched operation smoke!!!



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If I might add something....there is a somewhat crucial dimension when building a UDS, and that is the distance from the bottom of the charcoal basket to the first cooking grate, it is 24" any closer than it may get too hot at the cooking grate level. If you can maintain that distance in your 30 gal. build you should be okay. Good luck with your build and don't forget the que view.

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thanks and using a tad smaller charcoal basket too and trying to use the lid from the ecb

so i can get the distance farther away with the grate

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Coffee junkie is right about the distance thing....another thing you could do is to build it similar to the ecb gourmet, and have a water/sand pan above the coals to act as a baffle so it will be indirect heat reaching your food....that way you could have two cooking grates to be able to handle more food.  The heavier metal of the drum will help keep temps more stable, too!




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What is the width measurement on a 30 gal. drum? Would a lid off of a Weber Smokey Joe be to small.....

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drum is 18 inches

the lid on a smokry joe is too small (tried it)

I think I'm going to still use the lid from the ecb

and cut the hole in the drum 16 inches

  going to try to use the water pan too incase  I cant

get the 30 inch distance

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