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Anyone ever heard of or cooked a Gallina Fowl ?

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 I realize this may be a strange question, but I was in an international supermarket the other day, and saw these things right with the regular chickens. It looks just like a chicken, and the only information I've been able to get is that it's an ancestor of the domesticated chicken, and comes from Asia. I also understand it has a fuller flavor than a regular chicken, so I'm thinking about going and buying one and throwing it in the pit this weekend, along with a 12 lb. pork butt.

Anybody have ANY clue ?

Anyway, if I buy this thing, I'll send some q-view before, during, and after the smoke ( well, I might sebd some q-view even with just the swine ).

Smoke 'em if you got 'em......................

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I was gonna say give it a try and let us know how it comes out. It can't be that much money doesn't everything from that region of the world go for next to nothing.

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Looks like it should be about the same as a Cornish Game hen?

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All I can say that in Spanish, a Gallina is referred to as a hen. Gallo, is a rooster. I wonder if the one you're talking about is some form of free-range?

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Well, just knowing the meaning of the word helps. My understanding is that it's a relative of the chicken that lives in the woods, mainly in India.

And these things were pretty good sized ( at least 4 or 5 pounds ). They were about the same price as a regular chicken, so i think I'm gonna' buy one, and SMOKE IT !

Thanks for the help - the dang things are mysterious, aren't they ?

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Gallina fowl or jungle fowl is an ancestor of the modern domesticated chicken. I would say that it is a gimmick....a hoax...or a marketing stratigy. Wild jungle fowl would hardly be big, and once farmed they would just be a domesticated chicken.......just my opinion. Check this out,

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