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Reverse Flow 200 Pounder

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Here is my first post and my first reverse flow build. I call it a two hundred pounder because it is made from a pair of 100 pound propane cylinders. Here is the first victim. By the way, do not even think about modifying a propane tank unless you are sure you know what you are doing! I removed the valves and filled them completely with water before cutting.





IMG_0447 (Medium).jpg



IMG_0449 (Medium).jpg


I used a piece of steel banding wrapped around the tank to mark it for cutting.


IMG_0452 (Medium).jpg


First cut with the "Metal Devil" saw.



IMG_0453 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0455 (Medium).jpg


I used one cylinder for the cook chamber and 1/2 of the second cylinder for the firebox. I used the second half to make a drawer for the firebox.


IMG_0456 (Medium).jpg


I cut the end caps, air dampers and baffle plate on a friend's cnc plasma cutter. Duck Killer donated the 1/4" steel for the baffle. The next pictures were taken in Duck Killer's air conditioned shop were I did most of the welding. Nothing like a shop with ac for welding in the summer.


IMG_0457 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0458 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0459 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0460 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0461 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0462 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0464 (Medium).jpg


I am not happy with the legs. I would like to try some bigger square tube and some wheels so I can move it around. The drawer for the fire worked out well. It is easy to clean out.


IMG_0467 (Medium).jpg


First fire. It drafts well and is easy to start.


IMG_0468 (Medium).jpg


The above picture shows the baffle and drain.


IMG_0469 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0471 (Medium).jpg


IMG_0476 (Medium).jpg


Chicken is not my favorite but these were some of the best I ever ate.


IMG_0477 (Medium).jpg

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Sweet job!!!


That thing is pumping out smoke hard!  Is that the burn out or the first smoke?

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cool deal nice job

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metal devil strikes again! LOL!  man that chicke looks good!

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Good Lookin little smoker. Try that chicken on a beer can holder next time and see how it turns out. Fabulous I bet.



Geee Duck.......Ur right lol theres that metal devil  LMAO......   And the Forklift toooooo.........   Pay no attention to me, I'm just jealous. 

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That picture of the thing smoking is the burnout. And I wanted to do the beer can thing on those chickens but I didn't have any canned beer so I stuffed em with apple slices. I will try the beer can soon.

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Great looking job.  

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That is an AWESOME job man!!! Gold star!  If I ever build another one it will be that size.

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Looks like you have some crazy mad skills there tt. Well done.

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WoW nice....It would be nice to have a cnc plasma cutter, I'll just have to settle for my O/A for now LOL

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Nice build. looks like you'll get plenty of great food from it.

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