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Brining butts??

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Im getting ready to go on a long camping trip with my uncle soon. He also has become a que advicate. We are going to do a butt for everybody, but he tells me he brines his?? Now I've been looking all over & have yet to find this?? Is this a good ides AFTER injecting?? Sounds like brine might make the butt a little mushy to me before it did any good??

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Some people brine butts some people inject butts some people do both and some do neither its all a matter of tastes and perception. Brining would help to keep a butt from drying out which I don't think it would but it also allows for some spices to be drawn into the meat with the salt. Injecting the butt is a good way to impart spices and juice to keep it from drying out which again I personally don't think a butt would do but the liquid does carry the spices in with them. Personally doing both would be overkill for me but to each his or her own. Others believe the butts are just right by just doing a rub on the outside.

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Thanks Piney,


   So then I guess the salt in the brine will not make the meat too mushy? Maye a quick short brine

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I wouldn't use a salt heavy brine recipe if it were me then it shouldn't be a problem. Rinse the outside of the butt after brining

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I use tips slaughterhouse brine on poultry and pork.

 You can double the brown sugar for pork. brine a butt for at least 8 hrs if possible so that the brine has time to do it's job.

 check out my emans pig rub in the wiki section. It is a no salt rub that i created just for butts and ribs. This allows you to use the salt in the brine for flavor but does not add the extra  salt

 that most rubs contain.

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