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When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade! - Page 3

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Wow!  I'm never sure what to say in situations like this....



Kick this



Cancer's A**!!!



My thoughts are with you Cheryl.


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I just wanted to let you guys know I am home. I brought a new best friend with me. His name is Mr. Morphine Patch. I love him alot. Even though after a wild night with him I desperately need to shave my tongue, I still love him. I am very hungry and quite frankly I would eat the ass out of a cardboard box, ASSuming it had one (sorry Jeff, it's the drugs talking) and my ill attempt at corrugated humor. I have a dear old Korean lady helping me, she's helped me before and I still cannot understand a durn word she says. She's like 3 feet tall and yells everything in Korean. I just yell back, as I have done many times before - LOVE YOU LONNNNGGGG TIME!!!! I have to go find something to eat and go back to bed. Thanks and love you guys

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WB, Cheryl!!!

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Good to hear from ya, get some rest we aint going anywhere.

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Careful with "Mr. Morphine Patch" I hear he will leave you high and dry...

Welcome back and glad you sense of humor is with you. Relax and let the body repair its self...

Hope you stored up a lot of Q before you visit to the DR. you may need it


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Glad to see you back but don't over do it. Hope ya found some Q around the house to eat.

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Welcome Back Cheryl! It's good to hear ya have an appitite.

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On shaving your tongue...

don't swallow! :)  Yechhh!

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So, while under Mr Patch'es care, what Q's have you dreamed up? 

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Glad to see ya here- sorry that you are dating Mr Morphine- been there done that ( as Mrs Morphine to be clear) We all miss ya and have you in our thoughts - Hang in there girl we got your back with a lot of love

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It's hard to know how to respond to such a heartfelt need.  Prayers yes, best wishes sure, is there anything we can add?

You know that this group of stinky meat smokers are wishing you the best and praying too.  You sound feisty so ol cancer ain't going to roll over you.


Truth is according to the good book, "as is appointed unto men, once to die"  we all have an appointment, and we will not miss it or add an extra day to our life.  God loves you and knows when to call you home, we all will pray that it is later than sooner.  Heck He may not be ready for a gal who farts and burbs so loud , lets hope so.



So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10
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Hang in there Cheryl, rest up & get back when you can.


Shame your helper isn't Vietnamese, I know some of their words--------Second thought, you wouldn't want to use the words I know!




Take Care Chef Cheryl,


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Cheryl - thanks for providing all of us with an update. Glad to hear you have a helper and I'm sure the little Korean lady laughs when she hears you yell that you "LOVE HER LONG TIME". LMAO


Glad to hear your sense of humor hasn't gone away. Love that!



Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Take Care Chef Cheryl,


Bear - I love your name for Cheryl! Chef Cheryl!


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Well goodness, I am off the morphine, I just couldn't stand that feeling of being out of control. My life feels like that enough as it is. But, I'm only taking regular ole Tylenol, not even much of that. I do seem a bit more emotional than usual though. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for that too. I am such a well grounded person but I cannot stop crying. I have absolutely no reason to cry, but I can't stop balling. I think it is because I didn't get to enter the throwdown. Yea, I'll chalk it up to that.


Loves the buddies

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hey glad you were able to get off the  morphine.  As for the crying sometimes your body just needs to.



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WooooHooooo Cheryl is back!!!! Wow, it's nice to see you on the site. Glad to hear you are able to get off the Morphine, that stuff can help but it can hurt also. A lot of things can cause your crying spells, but I do know that sometimes it is good for the soul and the mind to just have a cry every once in awhile. Well just wanted to say I am glad to see you on the site and that you are on the way to getting better. Oh about that hunger thing.......Don't forget to feed The Squirrel!!



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Come on "Squirlley Girl" Crack me a smile!!



Beat this beast!




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It's a tough thing to wrap your brain around. Crying is natural when you are frustrated. 


Last week my wife was informed there is a mass in her breast and I was told my prostate antigen number more than doubled in a year to a dangerously high number. The doctor keeps saying "for a man your age", which is pretty scary at 50. 


She goes for a more detailed view Friday morning and I go for an ultrasound and biopsies Friday afternoon. We'll be dining out Friday night. I'll need to find a place with overstuffed chairs.


I figure if I stand really, really close and act like I dropped my wallet when they shoot the radiation at her we can get a toofer. We can always cut the chemo drugs and share one prescription (works for dope dealers).


Can you imagine a couple both being diagnosed in the same week? The odds have to be roughly the same as winning the lottery, but nooooooo.....

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hey hon, keepin the thoughts your way for a full recovery!!!  glad to see ya back online... you dont need no steenkin throwdown, there be another coming up... ttyl!!!

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Athabaskar I am sooo sorry for you and your wife! I wish you had won the lottery instead! Hugs and lots of prayer for both of you!


I feel alot better, it's 3 a.m. and I can't sleep cuz I am bored outta my mind! I swear I woke up thinking I could make some really cool potato dish to enter into the throwdown! LOL! Yea, I can hear miz Laurel now, "sorry little missy, but instant mashed potatoes ain't gonna cut it!" actually, I'd eat those right now if I had some. Ewww. I have some great stuff in the freezer, but I am not supposed to lift anything over 1 lb. for another two weeks!  Yea, that will last. I ate cereal a little while ago, but it wasn't smoked so I didn't like it. I went from a big fat crying baby to a whiney brat that just can't be satisfied with anything. Yep. I'm a girl alright. Be glad none of you fellas are married to me right now. Even my kitties are like "Dang, somebody bring her a chocolate bar or something". Hehehe, Life is good as long as you can smoke something!

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