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smoked beer can chicken

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i used the bobby flay chicken rub that i found here in another thread.  the rub was good, will be using again.  the chicken was the most moist ive ever had. 


rubbed up and ready for some lager hydration on the smoker




on the smoker with some potatoes for twice smoked potatoes (they turned out really good as well)




done @ 4hrs between 230 and 250




since i dont have enough pics to do a thread on the tenderloin i smoked the day before this chicken here is a shot of the finished product of that smoke





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I love those beer butt chickens. Thats one heck of a smoke ring on that tenderloin.

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thanks, the tenderloin came out a bit dry.  i may try to inject it with something next time or cook to a lower finishing temp and foil or just cook it on the grill.  i already picked up another chicken for this weekend.  i might do a chicken and a fattie at the same time.  i wish smoking didnt take so long so i can do some weekday smokes too.

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If you want to do a weekday smoke with Beer But Chickens you sure can just run the temp on your smoker a little hotter like you would if you were to do it on the grill. You can get a butt done in around an hour (depending on the size). It won't get as much of the smoke as it does when you do it at  a lower temp but it will take on smoke and be better then if you just did it on the grill. We use to make beer butt chickens on our grill all the time back in the day but now we just do them on the smoker.

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I'll be doin' one this weekend!  Yours sure looks good...and think I'll throw some taters on there too!  Thanks for the idear!  ;-D

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Both the chicken and tenderloin came out great.  I bet the tenderloin was tastey.

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