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Turkey Brine question

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Ok for some reason I can't find my notes on the last turkey I brined and smoked and I can't for the life of me remember how long I brined it. I am guessing over night but I don't know for sure. I am using the Slaughter house recipe again how long do you guys usually brine your turkey's. I think it is around 5-10 lbs. Thanks guys.

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I've brined mine overnight and it's always worked out great.  I don't think I'd cook a turkey without brining it first.  I'm not familiar with the Slaughterhouse recipe.  What is that?

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I too use the Slaughter House recipe and I brine overnight.


The Slaughter House recipes are in the Wikis for easy reference heres a link

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12 to 24 hours, any longer and it gets too salty. Dont forget to rinse of course. ...mannn now you've got me craving some too!

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hey brans, yea I do about 2-3 turkeys a week, we brine overnight for about 20 hours or so, always turns out great.

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