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Class is in session…Summer Break Finals

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Here it is, summer time and my youngest daughter, Kennedy, and son, Jake are moving on to the next grade level in school.  We are having a wee celebration here at the house and the kids are inviting some friends and, naturally, I was asked what I would smoke for this occasion.  I figured since they did so well on their school finals and they had both been with me during recent smokes I would see if they retained what they had learned, a sort of final exam from the Mr. Mac’s House of Smoke, “Close cover before striking” School of Smoke.


I had both a chicken waiting and a pork shoulder in the fridge begging to be smoked for this event and I let them have at it.  I would simply be there to observe and grade their performances as they progressed.  I also figured I’d ask some questions whilst they worked.


Kennedy chose the shoulder and Jake took the bird.  I had each of them tell me what they needed and had them get it all out.  Kennedy correctly identified the need for yellow mustard and our resident rub and Jacob called out the need for some olive oil and our poultry rub.  So far, so good.


I turned each of them loose and they began their tests.  While they worked I asked how we would arrange the two pieces in the smoker and they both called out that the bird needed to be at the bottom so as not to contaminate the shoulder.  Very nice!  Brought a tear to me eye!


Kennedy and her process…



What she needs...



Her test platform.



Clean and dry. and ready for the goods.



The rub...



Jake and his bird.



What he needs





Jake's bird wash, dry and, apparently a show with the dancin' chicken!





After the show we see the bird is scared and peed a little according to Jake.  Okay, really it's just EVOO!



Inside and out.



Here's a couple of hours in as Kennedy was adding more hickory.



I have to tell you, I am a little more than just impressed at this point!  More later as we get closer and get to eat!


Mac and Kids

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Great job bye the younguns !!!!! Can't wait for the finished pics !!!

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The bird...


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After eight hours the butt is ready for a foil nap.


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That just has to make your proud. Great job.

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It is cool to be a proud dad, they did good

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You kinda get all wet around the eyes when the youngins grab the smoking rains and run with them. It sure looks like they got a future in smoking for sure. You have to teach them how to cook now so if they learn the way I did they will be eating alot of really dark looking birds and burnt meat too. Teach them young too. 

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It is now the next day, all the guests are gone and the day was a success!  I didn't even get the chance to post the final results of the butt and it was all I could do to hold them back while I took the pictures.  


Fresh from the foil...



Pulled and ready to go.



Based on overall knowledge, technique, appearance and taste, the final grade is...A+!

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That's awesome that your kids are getting involved with smoking meat. You might can become a family BBQ team and compete!!

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Nice work by your kids

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Points for having a smokin family!


Ya know what they say, a family that smokes together, stays together.   And what the heck when they eventually move on to be on there own they just might take a century's old tradition with them.

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A family that smokes together stays together. haha Good job on getting your family involved. That's gotta be some good quality family time. I hope I can do the same thing some day when I have kids.

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Professor you do a great job of teaching the trade.  Give the young-uns my Congratulations on a job Well Done...

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Thanks all, we had a great time this weekend.  We love our time together with the kids and this kind of stuff keeps the lines of communications open! 



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