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New build question

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Hi guys,


I'm building a rf smoker very similar to uncle beefs.  Do I need to put a damper in between the firebox and cooker,  or will the dampers in the firebox be sufficient to control temperature.



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You do not need to put a damper between the firebox and chamber. My Lang has no baffle there and works fine.

I have thought about building a reverse flow with a vertical warming cabinet/smoker over the firebox and using a baffle between the the firebox and chamber and a couple more from firebox to cabinet but haven't really figured it out yet. My idea was I could shut off the main chamber and use the cabinet to do small smokes in but I honestly don't know if it would work correctly 

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thanks man,  maybe i can finish this thing tommorow!!

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Don't forget to post pictures we like to see all the builds

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