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My first brisket with Q-View

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So tomorrow will be my second smoke on my new UDS that a friend built for me :-)


So I am doing a 7 pound brisket also two racks of spare ribs also some potatoes and a couple fattys! its gonna be a fun day. 


So here is the brisket 




I scoured the fat cap




Slathered in mustard 




Then I put Jeff's rib rub that I made to my taste on it. 



then wrapped in plastic and put in the fridge over night! so I made a beef broth, V8 and Rub do I inject tomorrow? 


Also I always use hickory and I like that alot. but should I use mesquite? and will my ribs and fattys still taste good?

thanks for any help.   

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Also can anyone help with the best method to add wood during a long smoke on a UDS? all I have is chips. After I am out of those im going to chunk unless anyone has better a recommendation?

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I like to use lump wood with some chips added to that. I can run mine for 14 to 18 hours on one filling. As for just having chips im not 100% sure. I have injected mine the night before and the day of as well as no injection at all  They all turned out great so try what you want to and see what you like best.

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It looks like you are well on your way to a good smoke. I would inject it the night before and then it will have time to really soak into the meat. Then you will be ready for the smoke and did you check the batteries in your camera too. Remember we like the Qview too. You are doing a fine job too.

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