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Would this work as a valve?

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I have a Wally Mart GOSM

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as a valve for what? its a gas valve so it would work for propane if thats what you askin

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Are you planning to use it as a needle valve to allow you to get your smoker to lower temps?  You may want to check out the one they sell at Bayou Classic Depot.  Sorry, I don't know how to add a hot link directly to their site.  Someone should come along shortly to direct you, or you can just Google it. 

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Indeed it is a valve, it should work. What are your intentions with it?

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That's not what I've seen people use.  I don't think that's a needle valve, looks like it works more like a ball valve with a 90 degrees range of motion.

A needle valve is needed if you want fine control to get a small flame.

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I want to use it as a valve to allow my smoker to get lower temps

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Use the search feature and type in needle valve or go to the propane section of the forums and look for Mods/Modifications.  It'll give you and idea of the type of needle valve you need and the link where to purchase it.  Some of the guys there also provide a parts list for what you are trying to do.  Take care.....

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how about this ...the second valve down

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Opps I just relized that it is a 1/4 and not an 1/8

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Yes the "second one down" is a needle valve and that is what we use, but you can buy the same thing at Bayou Classic for $5, also I haven't seen any 1/8" needle valves, we use adapters to adapt the 1/4" to the 1/8" female on the regulator.


There is some very good info in the propane section with parts lists and pics, just do a 'needle valve' search.



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Originally Posted by SBHCOM View Post

OK last one I promise

put that one in the cart

needle valve much better than ball valve

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 ok, can i use this in a propane application?


Per my chat with the supplier:


Jennifer: I am checking that for you


: thanks


Jennifer: We are calling tech support to determine if this can be used with propane.  I will be back to you shortly. :)


Jennifer: per the manufacturers tech. support it can be used with propane


tony: just so I am clear..yes it can be used correct?


Jennifer: Based on the material of construction and the Buna Orings, they said yes

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You can get Needle vales at most hardware stores. Atleast around here you can.

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