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Smoker names

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Do you guys name your smokers? Just curious. If so, what sort of names do you have for them?



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Drum smoker be Trident 1 (cause it sorta looks like one), the fridge smoker I named Used ta be Cool (cause it did).  Sorta what ever feels right ta ya at the time I guess.




That be used ta be cool before the boy ran over it with his truck, long story.  Still workin  on fixin it.


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i need to! lol.

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My GOSM is called Susie - Q, here's an old pic before she took up permanent residence along my fence.



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My smoker is named LaLa - short for "Laurel's Lang"


Great thread!

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I melded a New Braunfels upright with an unknown brand SFB, which gives me a lot of flexibility for smoking at different temps and 1500 square inches of smoking surface.  We call her "Grillestate."


The Finished Product.JPG

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My UDS is the "Burnt Coyote"

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The only time I give my smokers, names is if they break on me. All names then mostly contain 4 letters unless I take them to 2 syllables. When my "like new factory Refurbished"  Louisiana Whole Hog cooker arrived in extremely used condition with the left fire pot not working at all... I think I gave it 4 or 5 names all were 2 syllables. When Danson shipped me a huge box of parts to replace everything and in the box were parts for 3 different cookers non of which were mine... I gave it several more names. I gave it a few more names when I had to carry the 400 lbs. cooker through my house and down 2 flights of stairs to send it back! I think I even called it a few more as I was pushing the 400 lbs. beast out to the FedEx truck. 

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Wow wingman,


Sounds like you had quite a run of bad luck there, I hope its all better now. What did the shipping cost for 400 lbs with fed-x ?


BTW. My smokers have no names yet, like Wingman says, at least no names that are permanent or suitable while children are around.

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I served on a submarine, and I was thinking, because smokers resemble the big steel tubes that I spent months underwater in, that it would be fitting to find a submarine related name for the new Lang. 


Our mascot was a fighting turtle named Frumpy, and that might make a good name. We'll see. 

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I call it "The General"    Since you are a Navy guy, maybe "Skipper", Admiral, or Captain??



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Tom37, Danson's ate the return shipping costs. I have no idea what that was. The owner of All Things BBQ (the dealer) was pissed at them and he is building me a custom whole hog Pellet cooker of the same size but using 1/4" steel as he does in his Yoder builds. I might have to name this one some thing sweet when it gets here. Or not


Now the "General;" above looks cool. I like BIG FAT pipes! The name suites it.

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Mine is simply WALLE cuz the wife and kids have a cruel sense of humor and when I was building her they thought it looked the Pixar's W.A.L.L.E. (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class).


Or in Wife.... More of my BBQ @#$%  !


Ain't she purdy!

IMG_0392.jpg picture by tgarchar

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These are great! Keep 'em coming!

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 Introducing "The Smoke Wagon"






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The Smoke Wagon is one clean looking machine. My compliments.

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"Skin that Smoke Wagon and we'll see what happens!"    Wyatt Earp in Tombstone.


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Is the Smokewagon a Lang?

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I call mine Buford. let's see how many people get it.

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