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Crunchy Crust With 3-2-1?

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Sorry if this is common knowledge or has been covered extensively before -- I assure you I did attempt to search.


I wanted to give my next rack a nice, crunchy rub crust.  Would the 3-2-1 method necessarily preclude a crust or would the rub just wind up all soggy, even after the final "1" step?


Hope you can answer; any other tips welcome.







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After you pull them from the smoker you could try saucing the ribs and grilling over high heat to carmelize the sauce.

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I have found if you used a sugar based rub they will be more crusty.   Molasses, honey, brown sugar etc.


I did a rack last week smeared with molasses then covered in brown sugar.  Turned out real good.

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If you skip the foil and just smoke all the way till done, with the rub, and a spray (I use apple juice and rum), you will get a nice crispy bark on the outside of the ribs.  I just did 2 racks of pork ribs on Sat and 2 racks of babybacks on Monday, just as I described, and we got the nice barky crispy outside.

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I think you was given good advice...Try not foiling or use very high heat after you foil and use with high sugar content rub...just eb careful not to burn

Good Luck

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I to have just tried my first unfoiled ribs this past weekend and they came out nice with a little crunch to the exterior. I like them but I think I'm going back to the foil. But that's me..... 

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Crunchy ribs

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Cool, thanks for the lowdown!



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