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If and when the time comes that i have to do the repair i will use stainless lugs and crimp soilder

them to the high temp wire.

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My MES30 has had that failure twice -- once after three years and then again a year later.  I think I fixed the connecter better the last time and it will last longer before failing again.    My MES came with screws on the back panel, not rivets -- so I lucked out on the drill out rivets step. 


BUT, I have convinced my self that if it fails again, I will cut into the back panel and install an access panel.  You are right that messing around inside the box is a very messy job.   A friend sent me a picture of the access panel on his new MES.  Look here

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Way TO GO Cashew, another example and proof, that the MES is not only the best electric smoker for the price, but can easily be repaired and kept in service for many many years.


Only the uninformed who read a couple of negative comments, ignore the vast number of positive reviews on SMF or other smoking and consumer websites, these same people insist that the MES is poorly made because they read of a failure here and there. Yes there are some that fail, however most are easily repaired, but for every failure there are 20 good stories, and most failures end with a positive experience, either due to the owner's repair or because Masterbuilt followed through with great customer service.  In addition the other things that the uninformed miss from not browsing deeper into the SMF electric forum is; owners of other smoker brands including electric, sfb, and gas brands have chosen to buy a MES smoker and give glowing reviews.  That is an incredible endorsement when experienced meat smokers buy a product.  Lastly the MES has evolved with many feature and structure improvements, how many other electric brands are essentially the same as they were 5 years ago?  Yet those who like to find fault, try to imply that the same improvements indicated a flawed product/manufacture instead of applauding either innovation or improvements for reliability on an already reliable product backed by the testimony of many happy owners.


Bottom line,  getting the job done, the job = smoking meat.  The MES is a proven winner in getting the job done, equal or better than many smokers especially electric.  Some who have years of experience with either wood, or charcoal give the MES seriously high marks not only for MES bbq taste, but the repeatability/consistency of great cooking results.  Note, it will always be true it is the cook, not the cooker/bbq that produces great tasting BBQ, however a good cooker makes it easier to accomplish and the MES makes it consistently possible.

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cashew, how old was your smoker?, I have a mes thats 4.5 yrs old & died. you can set the time ok & heat light comes on but does not heat.

would this be the panel or are my terminals fried??

 Thanks,  Geronimo

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Just so everyone knows, the complaints I mentioned about Masterbuilt back on post #10 and post #12 on this thread, have been eliminated.

Shortly after that time, Masterbuilt found out that the problem we had on my Son's MES was a serious problem, and it was a problem they had to solve (with their retro kit). Then their tech guy "Darryl" showed up on the scene, and ever since then they have been only second to Todd (AMNS) in giving GREAT service!


No large company can give service like Todd does.








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Had my MES for over 2 years, haven't had a problem with it yet.

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My MES died at 2.5 years, but got a rebirth and is still putting out some amazing smokes at the 3 year mark.  It's been terribly cold, but missing my smoked meat. Almost picked up a spiral sliced ham last week, but thought I'd wait for a warm spell.  Supposed to warm up this week, might have to give the neighborhood a nice smoky scent.  The kids have been missing out on ABT's, still get rave reviews on the baked beans. Good luck with the re-wire, it's really easy and knowing you got it up and running is a bonus.

Have a great weekend,



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