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Top Round with qview

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Wife got these london broils as the store called them. top round I believe. Last week end I grilled one and it was very good. Today smokd one and wow, so moist and tender.  I injected last night with apple juice and soy, marinated in apple juice, whiskey white wine s&p garlic powder.


Here it is in smoker





Out of Smoker







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Wow!  That is a smoker filled with happiness!

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when we eating. that is making my mouth water. I think I can smell it thru my laptop

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Not sure how I missed this last night.  Looks great!

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a smoker filled with goodies, great job

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Now thats a very nice picture for sure. A full smoker is a happy smoker around here. Well your flank steak looks like it came out really good.

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That is one full smoker, did it burp?? Real good smoke ring. A meal fit for a King!!

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