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I just bought this smoker as well. I also thought that the smoking instructions were not very helpful at all. For instance it tells you how much water, wood chips and charcoal to put in. It is a propane smoker, I wondered why they tell you to put charcoal in. The I realized that it lists 3 different model numbers on the manual and one of those must be a charcoal smoker? Who knows, but I emailed the address from the Masterbuilt website and I got the emails back saying there is no such email address. Also this particular smoker is not listed on their website.(Model #20050106) I read through this thread and it has been really helpful, thanks everyone for the great replies. I look forward to using my new smoker and enjoying my new hobby. 

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As far as charcoal, no it is not necessary, but lots of us add it to the wood pan with the wood because it gives better results.

Using charcoal in this way is not for the heat, it is for improved quality of smoke production and thus flavor of meat.

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Looks good!


I'm going to assume that's your wood chip pan in the bottom? If so I'd at least cover it with foil and poke three or four holes to allow the smoke to escape.  It will limit the amount of oxygen to the wood and keep it smoking rather than burning (I noticed the flames).  Will cut down on your need to douse them to keep from igniting.  You could also reduce the number a chunks you have in there too, but I leave that to you. 


What wood did you settle on for the smoke?  Remember, as long as it smells smokey you're getting the "Thin Blue Smoke" (TBS) that's most desirable and effective.  Lots of smoke might look cool but it will allow creosote to build up on your food and it tastes nasty.


I'd also top off the water pan too.  I like to keep mine full or nearly full to help with stabilizing the interior temp and insuring the maximum in moisture in the smoker.


Good luck!

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Thanks you thanks you thank you...first place that I have seen that gives actual instructions!

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