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Mold in smoker

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I have a Weber bullet that I have not used for about six months. I am planning on smoking ribs and chicken tomorrow.  Tonight I looked inside my smoker and there is a lot of mold growing around the charcoal ring.  The food grates have been out of the smoker since the last time I used it. 


Should I just run the smoker at high heat for a little bit to burn off the mold before putting my meat on?  Or should I clean the mold off first before starting my fire?

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I think I'd clean and re-season it just to be safe.

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mine had mold and I just ran it at a high heat for a lil while and brushed it with a grill brush. everything went fine after that

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Originally Posted by DougE View Post

I think I'd clean and re-season it just to be safe.

I've never done this, how do you do that?

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I would give it a good scrub with some Simple Green then run it for a couple of hours at high heat.

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I would build a really good size fire and let it run it's cleaning course and you should be fine. Then I would brush the grates really good too and then hit them with some pam or an oiled rag with maybe some olive oil and smoke on.

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I have sprayed mine down with bleach water, hosed every thing down real good, repeated and wiped down with wet rag, rinsed out real good.


Preheated it real good.


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mold only grows on things that are organic ..

or have organic materials in them .. since you see it growing on metal ..

more than likely there are some food particles stuck on there somewhere ..

you can wipe it clean with any household cleaner ..

do not do it inside your house ..


oh .. i am certified in mold remediation ...

hope that helps ..

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I Forgot (was to lazy) to clean my grates after doing some ribs w/ bbq sauce.

 Looked like a fungus jungle next time i opened the MES. I went the bleach route for cleaning.

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I am also certified in mold remediation...I would listen to Love2"Q".


Also, high heat will kill the mold, be sure to brush down well, rinse with water, then heat 'er up again.


Good luck.

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I have been teaching food safty for going on fifteen years. Please clean it really well and discard anything that was in it. dont take a chance on making alot of peope ill. Its not worth it.

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Yep - fire it up and burn it out.

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Burn Baby Burn!! Sorry had to put that in. mballi and ellymae said what I was going to advise. Either way you do it just don't let it happen again or the Smokin' Pit Police will pay you a visit.

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How did ya go so long without smokin' somethin'? I don't get it. 


Don't let it happen again and admit to it here...

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Definately in the 10 percent bleach solution.  Then a good burn out.  Let the bleach solutions dry on the metal prior to firing it up.


No more than 100 F on the temp of the water for the bleach solution.  No more than 10 percent solution concentration.

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bleach has no effect on mold except for lightening the color of it ..

just a heads up ..

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bleach has no effect on mold except for lightening the color of it ..

just a heads up ..

 Then what should he use? This is a site for information. If you have some that is helpfull to the subject, please elaborate.

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Bleach will kill mold.  Especially in this instance.  While on porous surfaces it will not kill mold, on  a non porous surface it does a good job of killing it.  You want to spray it on in a couple applications as some of the oxidization will be spent on the surface grime.  But it will kill mold and for this application you want bleach since it is broad spectrum it will also handle any bacteria that may be living with the spores.

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bbally ... when the epa or the IICRC signs off on bleach to kill mold i will start using it ...

now... in this particular case .. bleach is fine .. except it is a corrosive to metals ..now im sure the servsafe program loves them some

bleach ... but it only has effects on aspergillus and athletes foot ... and if you have a nasty case of itchy feet ...

a 10:1 solution is great .. in your bathtub ....

and just to be clear .. i put bleach will not kill mold for one reason ... so people on this site do not start scrubbing

their bathroom walls with it thinking that it is the right thing to do .. then wonder why its back in two months ..

and has started to spread throughout their house ...

but .. clorox says their product kills mold .. has to be true ..

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One mans mold is another mans "Flavor Enhancer", sorry


Remove the food that the mold is thriving on

Spray are with straight vinegar.

an hour or 2 later spray out with hose.

Bring temps up on smoker as high as it will go for 1 hour

Let the smoker cool to warm and Rinse again

Bring temps up on smoker as high as it will go for 1 hour again

then re season with wood only, after all moisture is gone.



make sure to wear the proper equipment


Hope this works

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