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new batch of kielbasa with a qveiw

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a new batch of kielbasa in the cooker cooked and smoked with a little apple wood. The pictures will not go in order and I cant seem to write to each pic. I'm agravated and had enough trying to post . been trying to post in order for about 2hrs........... thanks for looking



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One of my faves. Your batch looks fabulous. Care to share your recipe/technique?

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That looks like some great sausage there!

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Yes your sausage really does look good and tastey too. You have to love some good fresh and homemade sausage too. Sorry for yor troubles of posting the pictures.

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great looken sausage thanks for showing it to us, and i too have trouble with pics.

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Nice bunch of sausages!!



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That's some great looking Sausage! I'm going to learn how to make Kielbasa tomorrow. Can't wait!!

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Mine are smoking as I type. I am going to have to get past the lazy's and share with the group. I have not started a thread in months.

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Those look awesome!!!!!!

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they look great, nice job

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