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2 questions

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Ok I've made 2 fatties in my lifetime and they were grand!! But before I do #3 and #4 I thought I'd ask a couple questions.

1. When you roll out the meat how thin do you go? Mine was about 3/8" as a guess.

2. What is the strangest fattie you ever made?

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I use one pound of meat in a one gallon size zip lock and that's the perfect thickness. I guess pickles, cheese, and wasabi horseradish was my strangest so far. I was great.

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I liked the pizza fattie I saw posted a while back and  the reuben.  I think I might try an all american cook out fattie, my thought was to make it from hamburger add cheese ( bacon cheese burger ) and then put in a few sliced hotdogs and kraut! 


Other thought was  pot roast fattie using burger and stuffin it with tators carrots and whever ellse you throw into a good sunday roast.

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Now I have done alot of fatties in my days here. I always use 2lbs of meat usually 1/2 hamburger and the other spicey Italian sausage but I roll them out to about 3/8" or 1/2" thick. Then you asked what is the strangest and I don't think any of mine are strange their just plan good. Now I have made the reuban, the baked potoatoe, vegis one, shrimp, and even a mega burrito from taco bell, I have done many breakfast style fatties. So you can make them out of anything you can dream up so go for it and see if you can come up with a different one.........

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