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Back Ribs for dinner

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Makin' a rack for dinner tonight. Was supposed to be 2, but this is what I found when I opened the package. Rubbed down with my personal rub. S3000002.JPG

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lookin good. howsa bout a finished shot?

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In about 4 hrs!!!!

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looking good,  I like the looks of your rub as well.


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It tastes good too!

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Originally Posted by AK1 View Post

It tastes good too!


I bet,  


hey...  where is the finished q-view of those fine looking ribs?  


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Didn't happen. Camera batteries were dead when I went to take the pic, and I didn't have another set in the charger Didn't occur to me until after we ate that I could have used my cellphone.

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Well they started out nice and good looking. So I guess we will have to take your word on how good they were. But next time please remember the batteries. Or better yet buy another set and always have some fresh ones in the charger.........That's what we do, with 10 grand kids you learn such things..

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Well, there were no leftovers! 


I hear you about the batteries. Thing is they were fully charged when I took the first pic. I think what may have happened is that I left the camera on, and drained the batteries. Unfortunately, last time I changed them out, I forgot to put the old batteries back in the charger "insert facepalm smiley!"

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