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Hey SQWIB, I really enjoyed your blog and especially loved the pictures at the end. I hope that new BB is treating you well... Your beans looked awesome, that's one thing I have yet to try out in my smoker... Since I'm new to the smoking gig, I've been focused on the meats and less on the sides. Do you think you could point me in the right direction and maybe provide me with a link to a recipe I can start with? As always, your assistance is more than appreciated!!!  Cheers, Johnny K. aka JohnnyBigSmoke


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Here is one that everybody seems to love.  I haven't tried it yet.  Even putting Bush's beans in the smoker makes them amazing(er).  Just note that they will get thick so you want to thin the sauce a bit (if you are using straight out of the can).

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BigSmoke, I definitely second Biaviian's suggestion on the Wicked Baked Beans Biaviian linked above.  They are delicious!  

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These are by far my favorite beans. I have the cookbook they come from and it's great.


You can substitute your own BBQ sauce for the "Mutha Sauce", or use this recipe to make it

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Thanks a bunch guys, I have plenty of work cut out for me!!! At least i wont be bored this weekend...   I'll let you know what I come up with!  Have a great 4th of July!!!




Johnny K. 

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I have a Wellbuilt electric (new) and have a bag of chicken quarters I would like to serve up tomorrow for the 4th. Does anyone have a good recipe I could try for my first chicken try? I sure would appreciate any replies.




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I found an article where someone had sprayed the chicken pieces with Pam and then added the dry rub. I did this for my July 4th cookout for the grands and great-grands. You won't believe how good the chicken turned out! I am always open to new things to do with my smoker!

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@sqwib- I received my GOSM BB yesterday from BassPro. On sale for $179.99, online coupon code for -$20. Total inc. shipping around $195. It had a few dents(I expected as much, considering all I've read online). So I called BassPro and got 15% discount. In the end, about $168. I have been reading a lot, since it's my first smoker, and tonight I followed your seasoning process. 

Thanks for the info, hopefully all goes well this Independence Day weekend camping trip and inaugural smoke!

Awesome price.

A lot will season with oil, the only oil I use is I spray Pam on the racks and the drip pan.

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SQWIB, sure would love to know how your secret on those pork ribs you did on that blog. They look outstanding. Found your blog & this thread by doing a google search on GOSM........your blog was at the top of the list.

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