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Door seal mod... Need help!

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I got a cheap Lowes Perfect Flame vertical propane smoker, and it is working great.  The one big problem is that the leaks smoke around the door.  I found a local place that had wood stove door gaskets.  I picked up several feet, but I have a problem.  How do I install the stuff?  It is a round fiberglass rope adn the area around my door is smooth.  I assume I ned some sort of high heat sealant to act as a glue to hold the gasket rope in place. Anyone have any product recommendations?  Thanks in advance.

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I did a quick search and couldn't find a picture of the Perfect Flame Smoker so I don't know if this idea will help or not.  I have a Char-Broiler Double Chef Smoker and I used the felt strips that seal the Big Green Egg lid.  It's available anywhere the BGE is sold, it worked for me to seal the charcoal access door.


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you might get away with a high temp silicone but i'm sure someone will come by who has done this mod.

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Yes the high temp silicone will work great. Just lay a wide bead and then lay the rope into the silicone. here is a pic on mine that has had the gasket on for several years.



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Hi-temp RTV

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Sweet, Thanks for all the advice.  I will probobly get it done this weekend.

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