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Anybody filet their Boston butt?

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I love the boston butt on the smoker, also the whole shoulder. But when I buy a big piece and smoke it, the center never really gets that well smoked, even after hours. Does anyone ever thin out the cut for a more thorough smoke?
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I just smoke them till the bone falls out. I seem to get enough of the smoked goodness in the meat and keep it tender also.
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Only time I filet a butt is when I cure it for bacon or ham. I think the bone adds flavor when doin a butt for pullin. I've never had a problem with gettin smoke flavor into a butt.
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Mine get plenty of smoke flavor -- just do it "low and slow". I also buy the bone-in ones for the extra flavor. That bone will fall right out and the butt will start falling apart when you take it out of the foil. I let my last one (a 10-pounder) rest in the foil for 3 hours after it was done, and no one could believe how tender and juicy it was.
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I suppose one could fillet a butt to get the smoke flavor over a larger cross-section of the meat, but it has been my experience that while bark is good, it tends to be a bit tougher and drier than the internal portions and I like the softer, more tender portions. I've never done it before but it might be worth a try for a boneless cut.
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have smoked several boneless shoulders...

from Costco. They end up just as tasty as my bone-in butts. As long as costco sells boneless shoulders I do not plan on de-boning one myself.
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