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Buffalo style seems to be in style..

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So I figured I'de do some buffalo thighs with a little Tapatio and butter mix for a sauce. I injected and marinated six thighs and injected some of the sauce into a small pork butt I had lying around just to see how it comes out..

All injected up...

On to the drum we go over some lump mesquite..

Thighs pulled at 140ish and finnished on the grill..

Thighs were awesome... I hope the sauce in the butt adds some spice to it. The thighs just make for a bit of brow sweat and a hankerin' for a cold drink..
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Looks real good...
How did you fight off the wind, we had it here all day...
Did brisket yesterday on the grill and keep having the wind blow out one of the burners I was using for indirect heat.

Good looking "wings". How did the butt turn out with the hot sauce injected?
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Wow! Those thighs look amazing! So meaty, the ones I usually get are kinda scrawny. Nice job!
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I have the drum up against the east end of the house... It's kinda in an eddy current so there isn't much air movement..
I'ts at 142 now, probably about to stall. The smoker was burning a little cool until all the lump caught. I may add a bit of lump when I pan after the stall.
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Good you have a place to hid form the wind...
My east side is on the street and no good places to put the smoker or grill.. Also the HOA would fine me LOL

Keep up the good smoke and someday i will have my patio with walls to keep the wind off the cooking area..
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