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Did Someone Say UDS

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Got my drum yesterdayPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif. She's out in the driveway full of soapy water as we speak. Went to a party last night, my bud sold me his Weber grill for $10.Hope it's the right size, I didn't have a tape measure at the time. Gonna give the drum a couple rinses and get to work.

Pics to come soon... wife took the digi to workicon_rolleyes.gif
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Congrats you are going to love smoking with it!
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Congrats, I agree you will love cooking on it. If I do another I will make my wheel cart taller so I can place a hot water heater overflow pan under the drum to catch any leaking juices. I may even incorporate the overflow pan into the cart itself.

Enjoy the build, there the cats meow when there done.
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Got the drum opened up today. Wasn't expecting the inside to be coated, Glad to see no liner though. The Weber ended up be the right size for the job.

Will have a few picks tomorrow. Camera battery was dead when the wife got home.
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Welcome to club ugly, your gonna love it. biggrin.gif
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Lookin forward to pics

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DSCI0366.JPGWell, here's where she sits at the moment. Need to finish gathering some parts and try to get some work done this wk/wknd.


After I get all my parts together I'll burn the coating/paint off and get to work.


Thanks for looking/support

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nice barrel and even a weber lid your on your way to some good smokes!!!

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As the others said, welcome to the club!  Nothing but fun and a little beer mixed in.

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I'm looking foward to the weekend progress.


If you have time, would you please snap a pic of the inside of the weber lid showing what type of hook holds it to the drum please?


I bought a el cheepo kettle and it does not have the hook to hang it on the side like in your pic.




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Just got back with most of the parts needed to put her together. Still need to get me a therm for the inside temp and a few other little things. Gonna see if I can git 'r dun in the next day or two.

Originally Posted by Tom37 View Post



If you have time, would you please snap a pic of the inside of the weber lid showing what type of hook holds it to the drum please?




I'll get that pic for ya Tom... notta problem


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My boo helping dad out today...

Fire basket completed. And my drum is on it's second burn.


Here's that pic for you Tom



one more burn tomarrow. Then we should be good to go.


How do you guys go about cleaning the drum after it's burned out?

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Thanks a million Chris,


This was one of those things that I just couldn't wrap my mind around, I was thinking it harder then it really is. I shall be outside this afternoon to make a hanger for my lid.

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Well, my final burn got rained out today. Better luck next wknd.

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Shierkahn--Your drum is "coated, but no liner"?  It's my understanding that the coating IS the liner, and if that's the case you may have a little moe work ahead of you than you think.

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Definately check to make sure that is not a liner in ther. I'de do a burn out to get rid of anything that was in there..


If you can score an pld kettle grill with a hinged lid then you could do something like this, ro make yer own hinges..th_3[1].jpg

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Pretty sure it was just painted on the inside... may have been a powder coat of some kind. After the first good burn there wasn't anymore odor. I think I got it all burned off, I just know that when you burn paint it leaves stuff behind. Didn't know if I had to sand that out or just a good power washing.


Thanks again...

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I used a wire wheel on my angle grinder to do mine inside and out. I wish I had worn leathers though, i looked like a metal porcupine when I got done..

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