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What temp to maintain for Fattie smoking?? - Page 2

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Those are some nice looking fatties there Jeff.

...I'll take 2..... to go... with some fesh baked biscuits... and a large coke.

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I'll chime in and jump on the bandwagon - great job on them fatties.  You would never know they were a first-time!

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My mouth is watering,it has an awesome smoke ring and looks extremely juicy...

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Now that is one of the best fatties that I have seen in a while. You surely have hit this one right out of the park too. If I can figure out how?????

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Four at a time on the first try


Nice weave too


Your killing me smalls


Great job

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man theselook great!!!!im goingto smoke two fattys with other stuff july4th weeked.if i smoke these at 250f how long do i leave them on for??oh ad im ging to use charcal on my sie box with a ittle wood unless u guys say other wise?

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If you smoke em' anywhere between 200-250 you're probably looking around 2 hrs. However, don't worry too much about time, what you want is for the internal temp to get to 165. or so.

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<sniff..sniff> That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!! what did you put in it? I've never done one but I'm sure thinking I need to!!

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 Thanx for the compliments but their success was largely due to the help I received from this forum and it's members.

Yes, the were very good and I think anyone who has a smoker should try these.

The first 2 were stuffed with a mixture of hash browns, garlic, red onion, green pepper,shredded carrot and shredded mozzarella cheese if I remember correctly. All ingredients were partially cooked before adding to the Fattie.

Second one was stuffed with all the above ingredients less the hash browns.

Third Fattie was stuffed with scrambled eggs, garlic, red onion, shredded mozzarella & tomato.

All 3 types were very flavorful and were delicious as leftovers. I just sliced off a thick piece, microwaved and put in a hamburger bun. MMmmmm Good!!!! 

We even froze some for another day (didn't last long) and were just about as good then as the day they were made.

Some advice I received and used was to be sure there is some smoke through out the process. Not billowing but that light blue smoke you can smell. I used a mix of Apple & Hickory.

I also made mine quite big, I thought maybe too big but in the end they were perfect. I used about 1 lb of bacon for each weave. I made the meat mixture about 3/8 to 1/2" thick and about 1" narrower than the size of the bacon weave. This allowed for the nicely finished ends. I used a seperate piece of bacon and pics to keep the ends closed

Be sure to check out the great video tutorial on making your bacon weave. Kudos to the member who took the time to make it as I found it to be very helpful.

Again, thanx to all the kind words but this really was a group effort & success. I just wish you all could have been here to help enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Great site with great members

Good luck

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Great looking job on the fatties.

 wife just saw this and now it looks like fathers day will be spent making my delux blueberry pancake fatties.

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Awesome Q view. I gotta quit looking, I'm getting hungry.

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