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First time with new Thermo

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I got a new wireless thermo and am using it today to keep an eye on the real temps at grate level.

Wow. I was cooking WAY too hot up until now. At least I know how off I was now. It seems to be about 30 degrees hotter at grate level then what the factory unit says. I have a maverick-73 on the way so I'll have two wireless thermos going.

I've got some HUGE spares and 2 Chuckies going today.

Been on for about two hours I better go get some apple juice on them and check the internal of the chuckies.

Qview to follow.

Maybe this thread should be in General. I'm not sure....
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Congrats on the new toy.

I have 3 wireless and 1 digital with high alarm.

Hopefully you are in a better boat then myself. I live in the downstairs at the computer. The smoker lives in the driveway and unless I move it to right in front of the front door my receivers won't read temps while I have them at the computer. Its a good thing the drum moves easy.
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Good job on having a reliable therm to monitor the temps at grate level during your smoke. The ET-73 is definitely useful, and a Thermopen is a great addition to the therm-arsenal as well. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I don't know what is happening but the ribs dont seem near done. I foiled them for another hour then after that put sause on them like the lady likes.

The two chuckies I've had foiled for an hour but they are no w where neat "pull ready".

I'm giving everything one more hour.
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Did you do a 3-2-1 method on the ribs?
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