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Do you plan on leaving this hooked up to your truck while you are cooking?  I'm just curious because of the question about having table space. I would wonder about having a hinged table that would cover your toolbox and wood storage, and flip forward when in use to cover over the tongue area. I've had one too many whacks on the shin from walking into a trailer hitch, and it would direct flow around it. If you shaped the bottom of the table/work surface right, when it was flipped back not in use, it could cover your toolbox and storage areas, and a little slope would help shed water. Just thinking out loud here.


I might have to come inspect it when you start testing it. I think you're about 30 miles north of me.

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I see your point but I wonder if it would become more of a nusince than anything.  A lot of times I probably won't need a table and would have to move that table out of the way to get to stuff.  But if done right, it wouldn't be a big deal.  I don't know, that may have to be a add on later.


I am located a few miles west of peoria, come on up.

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Het Matt. I am assuming that 75 dollars for sand blasting included the trailer as well. What kind of paint are you using on the smoker? The rig is looking awesome cant wait for the finished project.

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ya, its was the whole works and even the inside of the tank.  The tank and firebox will be the standard black.  I found out the rustoleum high heat paint that comes in the quart seems to have a better finish then the spray cans.  Has a little shine to it.  So I will be hooking up the air sprayer and spraying all that down.  The trailer will be a dark gray and black wheels. 


I am almost to the point for final paint and assembly.  I got the duel dampers done on the exhaust stacks done, burner mounted, firebox dampers and a few other things done this weekend.  Need to install a couple more railings and its on for final paint.

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Thanks for the reply.  $75 seems like a great deal for how large your rig is.  I am only building a patio sized smoker out of a 60 gallon air compressor tank and being that I live in California, they will probably want twice as much money for a smoker 1/4 the size LOL...


Keep up the good work, it should be done soon at your pace!

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Made progress on getting the dampeners installed and the burner installed tonight.  


The dampeners are just slide caps that are linked together and operate the same time with one lever.







The burner is installed and almost working great.  I got the wrong extension hose to run from the tank to the regulator.  This is a high pressure system and I accidentally grabbed a low pressure hose.  I hooked it all up with out the extension hose and fired it up.  After about 15 minutes, I had the tank up to over 200 degrees.  This puppy cranks out the heat.  Of course this will be a wood burning cooker, but I wanted the propane to start the fire and the "just in case" factor if I need it.  



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Very cool!!

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