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Back To The Basics Brisket

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Got an almost 12lb brisket on the Char Broil today. I've separated the last few I've done and trimmed them quite a bit. I've also been injecting and didn't on this one. I'm leaving this one whole and tried to leave a little bit of the fat cap. Been on since 10 at between 220 and 240. I've also finished the last few in the MES to save fuel and make temp regulation easy. I'll probably do the same with this one. I put some of the trimmed fat on the warming rack to let it drip and I haven't needed to spritz yet.

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Here it is after 4 hrs. All that moisture is from the fat dripping.

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Looks great, I've got one on right now that I started at 10 last night....
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It's looking good -- great idea with the fat! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin good, got me int the mood for some brisket now PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking Real good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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First off the brisket is looking really good but the pictuces of the brisket before you put it on. That hunk of meat sure didin't have much fat on it before you trimmed it up. Now all I do to a brisket is cut off the hard part of the fat cap. cause in my head I say fat is flavor and I like flavor. But keep up the good work it's looking awesome.
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Looks good! Can't go wrong with brisket..... mmmmmmmm..... biggrin.gif
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Pulled it off the Char Broil a little over 5 hours when the coals couldn't keep 220 any more. Put it in the MES at 220 and upped it to 230 after a couple hrs in there. Sitting at 156 a little over 7 hrs in.
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At 174 after 12 hrs..
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At about 18 hrs the point was reading 196 and the flat was reading 192. I've never actually let a brisket rest before. It's always been smoker to stomach, but since it was 4:30 AM I wrapped it in foil and towels and put it in a cooler. I figured I'd get up around 8 or so and slice it up but between going to bed at 4:30 and the nyquil I slept till almost noon.. So it rested about 7 hrs, It's on the soft side but very good. It's definitely in my top 2 or 3 briskets I've made.

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Looks fantastic. Good looking smoke ring I bet it was delicious!

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That's a great-looking bark, Riley!  Yeah, 7 hours is probably too long of a rest, but as long as it tasted good then that's all that matters!


Thanks for sharing!!!

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I'll B right over 

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Great looking brisket.


I'm doing my first one next week while on vacation.


I plan on putting on a nice rub on about a 9 lb brisket and smoking for about 16 - 20 hours.


Any advice?

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Ryan, you get huge kudos from me. I am always torn when it comes to the fat cap. My wife wants me to trim it, i want to keep it. I actually do like how when i trim it, i get a smaller amount of fat at the end and keep my bark and my wife can have bark all around, but you loose some flavor and moisture. Great idea on putting all the fat above the brisket to melt down on top of it, i will certainly be trying that tomorrow!

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