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Need Help Asap

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I just bought a 55 gal steel drum and there is something hard at the bottom, It looks like soap and it smells like soap but im not sure what to do it WILL NOT come out... I tried scraping it as well as soaking it. Last night I made a huge fire to see if it would burn up but it just caramelized over? Is it safe to cook in?

I think im just going to buy a new one haha
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I think you already know the answer. Can you get the bottom lid off? Maybe you can swap it for another drum??

Good luck,

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Of course not, use your noodle and common sense. Not even if it was safe and did you no actual immediate harm is would probably make your food taste like crap. Either get it out or find another drum.

How long did you soak it. Try soaking it and heating at the same time. A rule of thumb is that the time for any chemical reation to take place halves with each 10 degree C rise in temperature. Heating it 20 degrees C would reduce the reaction time to one fourth or what it would be at ambient.

Have you tried other solvents to see if they have any effect? How about a test spot with paint thinner, another with laquer thinner, some others with soaps, detergents etc.
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I think Im going to just find another drum, they are only 5 dollars at my "local" junk yard. Any tips on Drums?
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Please reduce the size of your picture. Pic this large makes it hard to see what you want to show us.

Follow this link and read how you can reduce your pics and upload them right from your computer. Photobucket will allow you to post smaller pic and ImageShack will allow you to post thumbnail pics which will open up in a seperate window full sized.

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So is it safe to assume you have no idea what that barrell was previously used for?

I would be cautious of barrells you don't know what is't previous use was... STRANGER DANGER. Don't do it man.

Have you tried a power grinder?
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Q: Is it safe to cook in?
A: Do you really want to find out?

You think you are going to buy a new one......(Sounds like you already answered your own question here.)

Just make sure the next time, if you get another USED drum, that you know what was in it before it came to you.
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Is is safe to cook in?

Without a doubt. You'll have no problems cooking in it.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Would the food be safe to eat? Maybe, but do you want to be the one to try?

Definitely get a new drum. It's a lot cheaper than a trip to the hospital.
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