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fridge question

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just so happens I have a fridge sittin outside that died on us about 2 years ago. my question is this, are 2 door fridges ( modern vintage mid 90's ) usable for a smoker? Most all of the pics I've seen are the old single door models ( the good ones from years past ). I'm just curious if I can convert this thing, it has a lot of plastic in it that will need to be stripped out, and I have no clue what is under all that plastic.

Thanks for your help
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I'm not real sure what would be behind the plastic the all the plastic will have to go and you would have to line it with some sheet-metal or something that can take the heat. Now for the side by side they were called (I'm that old) you would have alot of room to make the big side a smoker but maybe you could cut out the middle wall and make it one big area for the smoke box. So I would get out the sawzall and go to it what do you have to use. After all what would the garbage man rather pick up one big re-frig or a bunch of small pieces of a re-frig.????
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good point! if the weather man is right I might have a chance to rip into that thing and see what I have to work with....and I just had a great idea...turn the fridge upside down so the freezer is on the bottom and use that for the area for heat whether it be electic propane or charcoal...hmmm I see destruction in my near futurePDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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would a burner from an electric stove rated at 1200 watts work? or should I be looking at something with more horse power?

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I think it will be on the light side, there is a link to some folks that use a heat strip from grainger.


I am running a 1500 watt in a box probably half the size of yours,  recovery time seems to be a big issue.  I am adding 1/4 inch cast aluminum plates to act as a baffle and a heat sink.

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