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One more UDS question

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Ok so we have been rained on for the last two weekends so I have not been able to work on the two drum smokers I have planed. I have all the parts exept for the parts for the air intake on the bottom. Should I go with 3/4 or 1 inch holes on the bottom should I drill 3 or 4 holes and when I drill the holes (this may sound like a dumb question) if I drill 3/4 do i just get 3/4 inch pipe and have them thread it same question with the 1 inch. what can I use to secure the pipe without welding. Also how long should the pipe be? Ok I know more than one question but I am tring for this to be as easy as a process as possible. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Its up to you on 3/4" or 1". I went with 1" because its bigger and I could get more air flow I figured but several guys go with 3/4" and they work just fine. I also had 4 holes in mine only because that is what everyone else did. As for the intakes them selves you just buy little threaded conduit's and fittings. They around 1"-1.5" and threaded on both ends then you just pick up two threaded washers one for the inside and one for the outside of each intake. I may be calling them the wrong thing so I will do some looking and see if I can find the correct names for you. I just picked them up at the local hardware store.
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Let's see here...

01) I have one UDS that has 1" pipe intakes (which makes the hole that's drilled bigger than 1" (O.D.) with 2 intake holes

My latest UDS will have 3/4" intakes with 3 intake holes. So whichever floats your boat will work, but I wouldnt see a need for 4 holes. In all i've read, I've really never seen someone say they ever had to run their drum w/ all 4 of their intakes open.

02) If you're going with 3/4 inch holes, you'll need a step bit to make the holes bigger than 3/4". Because 3/4" is inside diameter, not outside diameter. You will only need three 3/4" pipe nipples, and to secure those nipples to your drum without welding, you will need to use conduit nuts

I buy the pipe nipples that are 3/4" close threaded (or 1" close threaded)
They look like this:

Let me know if this makes sense
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Here is a couple pictures of what the locknut washers look like that you use to thread on the inside and outside so you don't have to weld.
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There you go Thunderdome has what you need.
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And Thunder is correct the only time I use my four intakes is when I am firing it up. I open them up to bring the temps up but once everything is running I usually only use my ball valve and maybe once in a while I will have to open one of my caps just to bring the temps up a bit.
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I don't own an UDS, but I've seen pix here that seem to show other members have used PVC fittings and pipe. If you want to use metal, (my first inclination) get threaded fittings at your local hardware store and sandwich the drum wall between the fittings. Be aware that galvanized pipe will emit toxins when heated, so make sure you use non-galvanized pipe. I'm sure other members who built &/or UDS's will chime in soon.
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See, I told you others would be along to help -- turns out at the same time I was responding! They both have the same idea -- threaded fittings should take care of your needs.
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thanks I am going to get what I need this afternoon and will see if I have any other questions after that. One more question I am looking like i am going to go with 3 3/4 inch holes will the ball valve have a 3/4 inch connection?
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Yes, you'll just need a 3/4" ball valve
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ECTO1, here's an idea for your vents I just found online! Maybe a visit to the auto parts store is in order! LMAO!!!

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So would I use a 3/4 inch step bit? or do I need a bigger one.
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Probably a bigger one. I just kept drilling until they would fit into the hole. If you drill them to big and your lock washers won't fit anymore you can always go get some big washers then put your lock washers on and you will be all fixed. I have seen a few guys do it that way.
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Thanks I am headed to harbor freight after work then lowes or homedepot gonna try to have it funtional by next weekend.
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A 1" dia hole will accept a 3/4" nipple beautifly, the nipple will thread right in, use the knockout thing thunderdome gave you a picture of to secure it to the drum from the inside. A 3/4" ball valve with female threads will then thread right on to your front nipple.
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Sounds like you're on your way.

A 3/4" nipple will thread into a 1" hole quite nicely.

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Ok went to two stores and got a weed burner ( always wanted one ) step drill bit, enough closed threaded nipples, caps, ball valves and conduit lock nuts for two smokers. My father in-law is making me two baskets just like B.A. Barakus I love it when a plan comes together.
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Sounds like you got it going on. Can't wait to see pics with smoke coming out of it.
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just another example of the good guys at smf helping someone in need..........nice job guys!
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I used step drill bit slowly, checking several times for a tight fit on each intake. I would like to shore up my intakes as described here on my drum. I was worried about the material of conduit nuts I found at HD.

I love my UDS!
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