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Beef & Pork Bacon (Qview)

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I didn't have any Venison on hand, and I had this "Curley's Venison Bacon Kit" laying around, so what the heck:

I just went ahead and bought some Beef & Pork, and put a 50% mixture together of 12 1/2 LBS of each (total 25LBS). Then I split it in half to make it easier to handle. Followed Curley's directions with all the mixing & panning, and put saran wrap in the pan first to make it come out easy. Fridge overnight & into my preheated (130˚) MES in the morning for 1 1/2 hours without smoke. Then bumped it up to 140˚ for 3 hours with my "A-MAZE-N-SMOKER" lit on both ends (to get a whole lot of steady sweet smoke).
Then I took the temp up gradually to 190˚ until I had about 160˚ internal on my probes. After checking that all parts were over 155˚ internal, I removed to cool.

I had to do these in two batches, because of the size of the MES 30. I had a wedding to attend on Saturday, so one batch got done on Friday, and the other on Sunday. On the first batch, I put the meat cakes on the 2nd & 3rd shelves. The one on the 3rd shelf finished 1 1/2 hours before the one on the 2nd shelf.
On the second batch, I put one on the 1st shelf & one on the 3rd shelf. The one on the 3rd shelf again finished 1 1/2 hours before the one on the first shelf.

Here are the pics-----ENJOY!

First half (12 1/2 pounds) ready for seasoning mix:

One of 4 pans ready for overnight rest in fridge:

First two out of the smoker:

All 4 beauties ready for slicing:

Total slices was over 500 slices 1/8" X 2 1/4" X 6 1/2":

DSC01169 copy.JPG



Packed, marked, and ready for freezer:

Thanks for lookin',

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Holy Bacon BC!!
It all looks great! Have you fried any yet?
Does it get crispy

Good Job!points.gifFor Ingenuity!
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Nice Nice. I should get around to trying the Curley's bacon some time. It always looks great.
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i have never seen that kind of bacon before but im sure its good?
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Yes I have. That's the way I like it best. I can't really call it Bacon. I think it's more like a cross between Bag Sausage and Ring bologna, and I like both of them more fried a bit. I don't fry them very hard, but if you did it would get crispy.


Thanks SOB,

I know what you mean----I got tired of looking at all of the other guys making this stuff.


It's great--You'd love it.
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Let me get this straight you grind up the meat and then cure it.?? Then you slice it and what holds it togther and does it fall apart when you fry it up?? Now I might have to try this stuff. You could make chicken or turkey bacon with this too.
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Yup, I could see chicken & turkey bacon!!
After smoking & cooling, it gets about the same as Bag sausage or ring bologna. It won't fall apart, even if you slice it to 1/16". Curley's also puts some stuff in there that helps hold it together too.

But now you did it Mark! Next thing you know there are going to be a bunch of Chicken Bacon & Turkey Bacon posts!!!-----MMMMMmm, sounds good!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Great job, BC!

Looks like the beef and pork worked just fine. MAN - you got a stock pile for sure.

This stuff is awesome. I like it on cheese burgers, with crackers and cheese, and fried with eggs, and as just a plain bacon sammie.

Good on ya PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks like some great stuff... Looks kind of like the Old Fashioned Meatloaf you get in the deli...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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OK Bearcarver, Do you guys eat all this stuff you smoke, or is your freezer overflowing!??!?!


Great Post!


Could you do pepperoni this way?





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I guess you could do Pepperoni that way, but here's the way I made a batch of GREAT All Beef Pepperoni:



My freezer is close to overflowing, but we're working on it.



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