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fish question

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i am going to pick up some trout at the store for a saturday smoke the fish
will be whole with head on only thing done to them was insides cleaned out
my Q is do i keep them whole or should i fillet them out they are small trout
maybe 1lb each ........ and would i brine them as i do salmon?
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I personally like them fillet out but thats because I don't like eating them when you have to pull the skin/bones and all of that off. I like just digging into a boneless fillet of fish. My buddies love buying smoked whole fish from Morey's but I just don't care for the whole fish. Just my personal preference so take it for what its worth. And I would think you would be able to smoke them like you do salmon as I believe they are oily like a salmon. I have never smoke trout but love smoking salmon. Good luck and can't wait to see the qview.
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As to the brine question, I would say yes.
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I usually do a dry rub brine on my fish.
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I always fillet them. Then I take a very sharp fillet knife and cut the ribs off. Check out this post
I tried smoking them whole once and was not happy with the results. Doing fillets and removing the ribs only leaves the small pin bones running laterally along the fillet. I have always used a liquid brine and had great results. One word of advise find a brine recipe and mix your own I have used store bought brine packets twice and both of them were to dang salty.
Good Luck and let us know how they turn out,.

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No ... leave them whole ... stuff cavity with onion and lemons .... then wrap in bacon ... I don't even brine mine ... WOW, some of the best smoking you'll ever do!!!!
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