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first time smokin a fattie

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lets not dig up my highschool years, besides I'm talkin a different kinda fattie!

I've seen a few of these things around on the net and figured I better try it. I made two of em, one for me one for the wife, mine had taters cheese onion and jalapeno, and hers the same minus the onion and peppers. It was a pretty successful first attempt and I learned what not to do the next time.

I did pre-cook the taters that were cut like fries, I cooked them in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes until the resembled half cooked fries. That part I would do the same again, along with the other stuffing choices. I did not do a bacon weave but more of a single layer wrap, I'm not sure more bacon would have made a noticable increase in cholesterol or not at this point, but I played it safe and will continue to do so until I work the bugs out of my Lipitor Icecream!!

What I would do different next time is use good fresh made sausage and not the greasy icky goo in a tube. I would also find a way to roll one out so that the thickness is even. I did see how to do that on here lastnight while I was lurking.

And here are the pictures

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They look good. Any shots of them sliced open? The ziplock bag trick is the easiest way I have found to get the meat nice and even. The only bad thing is you waste a bag which my wife doesn't like especially when I use a good freezer bag. Buy some cheap gallon zip lock bags and you will be set. I don't bacon weave my fatties either I just wrap some bacon around it as I don't need any more cholesterol as my family has problems high cholesterol. Stop by roll call and tell us a bit about yourself so we can give you a propper welcome.
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Yep got pics but for some reason they wouldn't load let me try again.

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Bah! I gotta be honest...this was my first experience with looking at someone else's fatty. Looks damn good. How long did you smoke them for? Nice work!
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Great looking fatties!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oh man they look goooood! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That had to be good, excellent job
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Outlaw they took about 3 31/2 hours at 225F
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Thanks! I gotta try one of these...see if the little lady will let me stay up all night if I promise to fire up the smoker at 4 to make her breakfast! icon_smile.gif
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icon_frown.gif sad that I was not there to get some but U done good points.gif
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Looks good. Nice job.
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Ma those fatties look like you have been making them for a long time. They are a really good treat and this is the place most of us found out about them too. So the fattie is like a entry gift from Smoking Great Job and you have definatly earned some points.giffor making the fattie part of your menu.
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They looked great. I use the freezer bag method. yours looked awesome by hand shaping. rolled better than mine.
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