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Chuckie Question

Poll Results: What's your favorite method to serve Chuckies?

Poll expired: May 21, 2010  
  • 25% (10)
  • 67% (27)
  • 7% (3)
40 Total Votes  
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I am curious... how do you like your smoked chuck prepared? I am making one later this week and I am not sure how I want to try it (will be my first Chuckie). I have seen it pulled, sliced and even diced.

What is your favorite method and why?
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I just took my most recent one to 205 and sliced then diced it and it was great texture
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i like it pulled but i guess it depends on what your going to use it for.
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so what was yer vote..........
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Being it rarely "pulls" as well as Pork, I would say chunk/diced.
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Pulled.. I like to pick through the meat and get out the nasties that are left in there then keep warm in a pan for sandwiches. I usually lay out a few different sauces for folks to dress the meat however they want..
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I think pulling gives you a better product. I have sliced them, and they were pretty good, but not as good as pulling and then mixing with your favorite sauce for BBQ beef sammies! If anyone has trouble pulling these try using the bear paws. Worth every penny when it comes to pulling meat.
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Thanks for the input. I am leaning towards the pulling option so that I can make some sammies with it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's QView.
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I am one of the sliced - wish there was another one to vote on
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There are three options, Sliced is one of them, so is Diced. What other option did you want to see?
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A couple more questions

I am smoking a chuck right now and am using a thermo to know when to foil and when it's done, but I have a question. What is the average time it takes to smoke a chuck? Is it about the same as a brisket @ 1.5hrs/lb? icon_question.gif

I have the smoker going at approx 225, and am going to foil @ an IT of 170. Then bring it to 205 before doing the towel wrap & cooler method for an hour. I plan on pulling it this time around.

I am just trying to guesstimate when to get the other fixin's ready and since this is my first time, I haven't a clue on the timeline.

Also, what kind of sauce do you like with the chuckies? Sweet, vinigar based, etc.? icon_question.gif

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I'm with scarbelly here I like mine sliced it better to me. Now I don't or can't remember ever pulling one to me there always sliced for sammies.
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They pull just fine for me. One I did this past weekend..
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What kind of sauces do you all recommend?
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