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This is my last batch of kielbasa I made. I could not locate my pics when I made this batch to post but a friend of mine had taken some pics while he was here and fowarded them to me. Unfortunatly its all gone but I am ready to make another batch this week.
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That looks wonderful.
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looks great, some day i want to do some brats or kielbasa
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Looks great nice job
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Great looking sausage! I love the set up you got there for smoking it too. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks awesome! How long to make them all? Looks like a lot of pounds of meat! Are you freezing any?
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approximatley 60lbs. I have been upgrading my equiptment so I am able to make larger quantities. I just bought the cabelas 1hp meat grinder. What a hoss. I can grind 60lbs in ten minutes. The filling takes the longest time because I dont make one long piece and twist into rings. I fill one ring at a time and tie with butchers twine. I upgraded to the 30lb cabelas stuffer about two years ago from a small homemade stuffer I built out of sanitary tubing and a air cylinder.. It takes about two hrs to fill the sausage. It usually is a two day process from start to finish. I prep the boston butts, grind, season, add cure, refrigerate 12-20hrs, fill, hang, cook, Ice bath, hang in refrigerator 12 hrs, vacuum seal. This batch did not get any frozen. It went out as christmas gifts. I get 6mths shelf life in the fridgerator by vacuum sealing and two years in the freezer.
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Rite fine lookin sausage! An yup, no matter how much ya make it seems ta be gone far to fast.
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thoes look nice, which kelbassa recipie do you use?

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Hi steve, unfortunatley my recipe is not availible. It took me 12yrs to develop it with alot of hard work. I can help on how to make it and how to smoke/cook it. Sausage is an amazing thing when it comes to a recipe. the slightest change in ingredients will make a big difference in taste either it be an extra ingredient or a little to much or less of an ingredient. I want to have my sausage manufactured by a USDA inspected facility here in NC but again I am asked to divulge my recipe and I just cant do it. I feel I have something really special and I am looking for the right opperatunity to manufacture with someone and still be able to keep my recipe a secret.
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no problem, I am just trying to decide between about 6 different kelbassa recipies, and thought you might be using one from rytek's book and was going to get your opinion on it. I like the store bought coarse ham garlic sausage and Kelbassa so I am trying to find something that will give me results like that. My grandpa used to make the best Kelbassa I ever had but unfortunatly he died a long time ago ond no one in the family found it important to learn stuff like that.

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My family didnt do alot of home made cooking exept for the homemade perogies which are awsome. My uncle pete and aunt ann marie are the only ones who still cook the old recipes. I guess they were part of my insperation. I knew nothing about how to make kielbasa and went by trial and error. The only decent kielbasa in the scranton area is a place called kutsops in dickson city.
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ahh, my whole family was big on home made food, Grampa did sausages and other meat stuff, gramma did everything else. was a fusion of German and Ukrainian and the food was always good.

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Komensky's in Durea is awesome.
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Why do I sense a descendant of the KFC colonel founder here?



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