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Teriyaki chicken stuffed loin.

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I marinated some sliced chicken breasts in terry sauce over night, sauteed until just done, then stir-fried some veggies to go in as well..

rolled up and tied...

covered with some szechuan sauce and into the drum..

my #1 BBQ fan..
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That's it! I'm tired of seeing stuffed loins! That's my next smoke job. Right after I complete the other 20 in front of it. Great looking loin, I like the wrap job also. points.gif
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LOL Stuffed pork loins are infectious!

Looking great so far PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I like your tie job. I need to look up how to do that. Someone should post directions on how to do it. And also post about how you guys get those loins fillet out soo well.
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LOL ! ! ! "Pit 4 Brains" ! ! ! Best name ever ! ! ! Oh, and BTW, nice pork loin. icon_wink.gif
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That is going to be good for sure!! Can't wait for the results.
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Temp hit 165, drum was humming right along..

One cooked loin coming up!

There's just something about hot coals in my drum.. I wish I had something else to put on..

Stand by for the slicing. I'm gonna let it rest until the wife gets home from work in about an hour.. Can't wait!
Thanks for the compliments and the points!
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You just start with a long length of butchers twine and tie a loop around the end with a triple over-hand knot, then tie a series of half-hitches all the way to the other end..
Maybe i'll try to do a video and post it up.
MODERATORS.. This site needs a Wiki section on how to's..

Lay the loin on a cutting board and start a slice from one end to the other about a quarter inch from the board. make the slice deeper a little at a time while unrolling the loin. It's kinda like filleting a fish or skinning an elk. Just keep the meat between the board and the knife the same thickness and roll the meat out as you go..
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Served up with a little fried rice and some terry sauce on top...
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Very nice. I have to try this. Thanks.
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That is a thing of beauty! excellent job.
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Simply beautiful!

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