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Anyone Built A Stand For Their ECB?

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Just wondering if anyone has built a stand for their ECB. I have a gourmet and interested in getting it off the ground.

I finally got all of the parts and took a lot of my free time this weekend (due to the non-stop rain in KC) and made the mods described here:

Except for the legs. I have some extra landscaping bricks I was planning on setting the gourmet on, but I'm concerned that without a "cage," a strong wind might blow it off of the bricks (I would like to be able to keep it up off the ground all the time).

My brother-in-law (who has a welder) offered to help me build something...I just have to come up with the design icon_smile.gif So, I'm just wondering if anyone has done or see anything. Thanks in advance!
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outlaw, i don't know where you found the link, but that guy did some serious qview! as far as the legs go i really like what he did there. you could use almost anything even some 16 ga steel to bend it just put it in a vice and use a 2 Lb hammer to bend it. i don't think the wind will be too much of a problem for ya.
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Petewoody actually replied to one of my threads with the link. I believe Pete has posted it in other ECB mod threads as well. Dude does have some serious qview going. I was ready to give up on the ECB with my first experience with it. That site gave me lots of hope though! Now that I have made the mods, I hope I pick up on the tricks to perfecting runnin it really quick! I figure in 5 or 6 smokes I should have it down pretty good!

I have thought about doing the same thing with the legs. I was just curious if anyone had come up with a different design. Maybe one that was even higher off the ground. icon_smile.gif If I built it a little higher, I could see the three legs working against me in the wind. My brother-in-law has some scrap unistrut that he said I could use. Like the piece in the attached picture.
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that would work really well!
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I don't know if the smoker would even fit and I am sure you would want to secure it somehow. I thought of it when I had a flashback of having to move all my mom's plants indoors for the winter. Its just a giant plant stand but it did say it was built from 3/8" rod. I think some of them even have wheels. Its just a thought.
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you know thats funny i thought of the same thing! it would look cool too lol
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Hmm, that is a good idea! I took some measurements on the smoker last night and the outside diameter of the base is 16 1/4" so I don't think that specific stand will work (listing says pots up to 12"). But, you bring up a very good idea Tom. I'll have to make a trip to the hardware store and see if anything similar is available for larger diameters.
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What do you guys think about an old gas grill stand? I have an old, nasty, oxidized gas grill just like this:

I was thinking I could take the grill body completely off and hack the front plate in half (to keep the support between the legs) and add some bracing so the smoker can fit between the two table tops...any thoughts???
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In 3 or 4 smokes you should be getting a good feel for it. The big deal with the ecb gourmet is, don't get frazzled if the temp jumps or dips 25 degrees. Make small adjustments to your airflow, and give them time to do thier thing...usually 10-15 mins.

If you build the legs like that dude did, and get your ecb about 12" off the ground, that would put it at a great working height. With the right bends on that strapping, you could get the legs to flare out around the base, and make it more stable than it is WITHOUT the extensions! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

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Outlaw, if you decide to go with the leg idea. If you have the dimensions you can drop by some night after work and we can bend them with my bench brake. I can bend up to 3/16 x 2 steel pretty easy. Aluminum would be even easier. Just let me know.

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I put some 4" extionsions on the end of the factory legs as a temp thing untill I can make some real new legs. I had to do mine to clear the pipe I have going into the hole in the bottom for aire control.

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How about some concrete blocks. I make a triangle, place the firepan and drop the unit on top. Doesn't tip and its simple to get to the firepan to add more coal and you don't lose the heat that is trapped in the dome.

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Thank you sir! I appreciate the offer and I'll definitely shoot you a PM if I head that route. Since I have the old gas grill I'm probably going to throw away anyway, I'm leaning towards trying to figure out a way to redo the bracing to allow the gourmet to sit in it. That way I'll have two table tops and a roll-able cart! I just need to take some measurements and see how I can set up the bracing to allow room for adjusting the inlet dampers.
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Yeah, that is a good idea and I have some extra landscaping blocks that I will probably use until I come up with something different. Using those blocks was the first thing that came to my mind as well. But now the engineer in me is taking over and I can't help but look at my old gas grill cart without picturing my gourmet right in the middle. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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The one thing good about the concrete blocks is you can turn them anyway, so as to adjust you air flow. If you have all three vented towards the fire, you'll be surprised how hot that ECB will get. I have reached over 400 degrees in it.
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