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6 Butts last night w/Qview

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Before Seasoning

After Seasoning

Before going on WSM

Smokin Along

Top grate 6 hours in

Bottom grate 6 hours in

After 15 hours

Pulled, I need to rest

Smoked with cherry last night.
Thanks for lookin'
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Looks like it came out great. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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man o man that looks fine.points.gif
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icon_question.gif Just 6 PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Best looking "BUTTs" i have seen in awhile.
Like your rain/wind compartment... that's what i need (wind)..
good Qview....
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Damn! Just drooled over my new shirt.... awesome looking
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Looks good!
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points.giffor smoking six @ once.

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Now you better have a bunch of good hungry type of guys for all six of those things. Now what are you doing with all of theses??? But you did a great job on them.
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looks great well done
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That looks wonderful!
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You can't see from the pic, but there is a whole on the backside for 3rd damper. I'll probably build it wider when I redesign the windbrake, seems like it is windy all the time here.
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The guys at work give me a donation and I give them 5lbs of pulled pork. I like my knew hobby. Normally, there is not much left for me. The foil pan was for the guys and the rest is for me.
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