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here we go

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put two 13ib briskets on at 5 am. just sprayed with apple juice. have some marines comming over later for beer, brisket, wiffle ball and good conversation. son is over in afg. we will have a beer for him and have a great day. Enjoy your children and life. They both move on quickly
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Sounds like a great meal. Hope to see some pics of it soon!
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That sounds great . 2 13 lbs briskets must be quite the crowd coming or just two marines (one for each biggrin.gif ) .You can be proud of your son and all the militaries they do a thankless duty.Tell them all thanks from MN.Have a great time,Bill
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will do. have to have daughter show me how. At 51 im lucky i can turn it on. LOL
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thanks to all that went before him and those to go. Thanks to all that are on this site that served and still serving. I lost my brother in nam. I will never forget all that are serving. again Thank you all for your service.
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Well how did it go ? I have been thinking about your son and the marines you had over today .Stand up men all the way. Thank them again for me I wish I could buy them and you a beer. I'll throw some points your way until I can thank you all in a better way.points.gif
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came in to use the bathroom. they ate one whole one and killed off three 18 packs. had a great came of wiffle ball and we are now going to eat and drink till the sun comes up. they will, ill be in bed by 9. 5 -20 year old Marines and beer. I see a punching contest starting soon. LOL They also have some young ladies comming over. This may get ugly LOL. Thanks again for your kind words.
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Please tell your son Thanks from an old vet when ya talk to him.
Tell them jarheads that the marines have the stongest morale and the
weakest morals of any servicemen i have ever met. ( They will understand).
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I will eman. god bless
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