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Help please

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Im having an issue with using my MES cant seem to get a good smoke ring and the smoke flavor isnt all that strong almost not there. It is the 30in model 850 watt heater, there is plenty of smoke coming from the smoker it just seems like its notreally penetrating the meat.I am smoking at or around 225 i did four fatties with it today they look great on the outside but no smoke ring and the smokey flavor isnt that strong, although the one i tried was very tasty biggrin.gif.I wanted to do a chuck and some chickem tomorrow and would really like to figure this out!Oh yea i smoke with the top vent wide open and i soak some of my chips but not all of them i start smoking like the othr posts say a few add more in 20min then even more after that.I keep the smoke goin as long as the foods in there too.
Thanx in advance
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What kind of wood are you using? You won't get a smoke ring, but some say using some lump charcoal may. I also think soaking the chips is a waste of time since all you are doing is prolonging the smoke.
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I was using apple wood for the fatties i am gonna use either hickory or mesquite on the chuckie or i was thinking oak as i have alot of that here native that i burn for firewood and its dried out too. You said i wont get a smoke ring though, doest that only come with wood fired smokers?
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da ring

The smoke ring is formed by gasses given off during combustiopn . As a mes has no flame it doesn't provide a real nice smoke ring .
I use my mes all the time , The smoke ring looks good in the pics but smoke taste like smoke no matter where it comes from.
If you aren't getting enough smoke flavor for your taste ,Step up to a stronger flavored wood.
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ok everyone said that the fatties were great so maybe its just a mental hangup on my part lol
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