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Went to the store for a steak and ended up with my first butt..

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Figured I'd take a break from smoking this weekend and have a good ribeye but the store I went to had butts on sale for $.99/lb so here I am.

This will be the first butt I've ever smoked. Going to do it on the MES at 220, foil at around 165, and take it to about 200. It's about 7.4 lbs. I'm going to throw it on now, figure it should be done around 12 or 1, then I'll towel it and put it in a cooler till morning.

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And here's the 1.5 lb ribeye that will be dinner..

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Can't turn down .99 per pound butt. It hasn't been that cheap for a while here in Central Florida. Nice-looking ribeye, too!
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Just got some butts here and the prices went through the roof. Paid $1.59 a pound at my local butcher.
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Now if you found somebody that had butts for .99 lb the next thing you should had done is gotten a second shopping cart. Then call all your smoking buddies and see how many they wanted. But this is one of the things that you will learn from here. Then we will stay here until you smoke it and show us he pictures/Qview of it and tell you how good you did. But if you have any questions that happen to come oput during the smoke just let us know and we will amswer it for you. So now it's time for you to prep the butts for your smoke.
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Looks good to me.. Dont be afraid to smoke a little bit hotter. I usually do mine at 235 to 240 (grill temp) in my MES with great results.
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The regular price on these was $1.79/lb.

The ribeye was great. A couple hours marinating in Dale's.

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Good looking steak, looking forward to the butt.
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Foiled it at 167 and upped the temp to 240.
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Pulled it at 206 a little under 10 hrs. Wrapped in towels and in the cooler it's up to 208. I'm going to leave the probe in it and see what it does resting.
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that ribeye look great!! I love Dales!!!
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That Ribeye is Killer! Looking forward to the rest of the qview. (And next time you have butts for 99 cents a lb., call me. I will get on a plane. biggrin.gif )
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Must be he fell asleep!

Kroger has a 7 day "Meat Event" going on, from last Wed. thru this Tues... 2 pack butts, 97ยข lb.. got 2 two-packs, gonna be hacking 'em up this morning.. buckboard bacon, trimmings into breakfast, Italian sausages and some franks, too.. 4 lbs. regular and going to try 4 lbs of hots this time too! If mama will let me, might hide a couple more packages in the back freezer for later, also! If I have enough, I think I'm going to want to try some cured sausage.. pork butt cut up into cubes, cured in brine, ground and stuffed into a polish casing and smoked...
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After 7 hours in the cooler it was still at 150. Pulled easily and tastes great.

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